Perfect Child

Drama / Thriller

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Chelah Horsdal as Deputy Jenny
David Kaye as Henry Metcalf / Chef Edward DuFlay
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccbishop-42368 4 / 10 / 10

The perfect child

The movie itself was intense though predictable. The single father of a young teenage daughter begins a relationship with an attractive young woman who has another attractive woman as his business partner with feelings for him. When he decides to take the relationship to the next level, his daughter and business partner aren't too thrilled to say the least and strange but scary things begin to happen that makes her look suspicious. It goes to show anyone who marries someone with a young teenager beware and be careful. It's best to get some counseling and deal with feeling on both sides or else trouble comes your way. Life is so hard in itself for a teenager dealing with hormone levels, a loss of her mother, a doting dad who is always there for her. It seems as if the dad is in a hurry to try and replace the mother his daughter lost. He really should have been trying to raise his daughter and putting her first before he got involved with any other woman as this was not fair to his daughter. She felt every time he brought in another woman that this woman would try and put her out or send her away. The woman knew he had his daughter as a priority and both should have waited before getting involved. Sometimes the stepmother does try and get rid of his children from a prior marriage and always ends up tragic. The father and woman in this movie acted selfish and didn't consider the young girls feeling at all and as a result trouble happened.

Reviewed by edwagreen / 10

Perfect Child-Back to 1956's Bad Seed ***

In the 1956 "The Bad Seed," no one else was suspect other than the famous character that Patty McCormack brought to life. In this version, everyone in the cast has had something to make you look over your shoulder twice when you see them. Our divorced father was in the house when his girlfriend got electrocuted in error. His associate, a cunning woman, once beat up another woman. Then, he meets a woman who had guilt feelings for not watching her step-sister in the pool causing the death of the latter. Our guy and gal quickly marry and there is mayhem that follows. People are getting poisoned, computers are getting hacked and attempts are made to murder one another. After a while, you know where this interesting thriller is heading.

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