Peter Pan

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Anne Whitfield as Young Woman
Carol Coombs as Angie Romano
Mel Blanc as Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Yosemite Sam / Sylvester / Sylvester, Jr. / Speedy Gonzales / Tweety / Genie / Hassan / Big Bad Wolf / Beanstalk Giant / Elvis Gorilla / Stork
Thurl Ravenscroft as Member of The Sportsmen Quartet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elicopperman 9 / 10 / 10

Think of all the joy you'll find When you leave the world behind And bid your cares goodbye

Ever since its release in 1904, J.M. Barrie's famous play Peter & Wendy has become one of the highest regarded children plays of all time for its emphasis on childhood and imagination. While there have been countless adaptations of this work out there, arguably the most well known is the 1953 animated Disney film, and for very good reason. This is not only a charming and entertaining film in its own right, but it is also a rather heartwarming tale of what lies in a child's imagination. Probably the most iconic song from this film is You Can Fly, as it further emphasizes not only the many things you can dream of, but it also serves as a lovely tune to bring one back to a simpler time when they were children. Of course the other songs are well done too, from the melodious lullaby Second Star to the Right, to the highly upbeat Following the Leader, to the hilariously malicious Elegant Captain Hook. However, along with Your Mother and Mine as a beautiful contrast to reality, the aforementioned iconic song is a beautiful homage to simply embracing the imaginative fantasies that any child can dream of without wanting to grow up. Oh yeah, and even though What Made the Red Man Red is very dated given its subject matter, it's still entertaining nonetheless....if you're anti-PC that is. The characters are also a lot of fun, especially the main protagonists. Peter himself may be immature, but I'm sure anyone can relate as they felt that way when they were children, and his spirited nature does balance the cockiness out enough to make him endearing. Wendy does get pushed around quite a bit, but she does pose as a decent straight one to the wackiness in Neverland and a reminder to the audience that maybe it's best to grow up. Not to mention, the romance between Peter and Wendy is perfect for their respected ages, as it's never overdone (they never even kiss) and they're contrasting views on one another play a big role in their relation. As for Tinkerbell, she's pretty much the feminist of her day; always being snooty and trying to prove her way to others, even if she really does love Peter. With such a spunky personality and an emotionally driven arch, it's little wonder why she remains an iconic mascot for the Disney corporation. The other characters like John and Michael, the Lost Boys and the Pirates may be the least interesting characters in the film, but they definitely have their moments of witty banter here and there. However, probably the best character in the movie is the menacing albeit hysterical Captain Hook. Although he is insanely determined to seek vengeance on Pan over the loss of his hand to a crocodile, he is also hilarious from his childish fear of getting eaten by the crocodile and the banter between him and his first mate Mr. Smee. Seriously, whenever you see Hook, Smee and Tick Tock the Croc together, you will witness some of the greatest slapstick ever put to film, let alone animation. The timing, pacing, expressions and even vocals from Hans Conried are bound to have you ache from laughter. As usual for an animated Disney film, the animation is very well crafted. Along with the lovable and expressive character designs and character animation you'd expect from an animated Disney film, the flying scenes are simply breathtaking (hence another reason You Can Fly is so fondly remembered). The crew behind the lush artwork of Neverland really do deserve immense acclaim for the lush artwork, especially Mary Blair. Neverland really does feel like a highly adventurous place any child would want to go to, even with some dangers like pirates and mermaids. Not to mention, the way the animators were able to experiment with water, pixie dust, smoke and especially explosions are highly creative and magical in their own way. With exciting obstacles, charming characters, breathtaking visuals and timelessly catchy songs, Peter Pan nails the childlike adventure on a silver platter. Even if it's not quite as dark as the original play, it still respects the ideology of growing up from one's childhood fantasy that made it beloved for over 65 years. I'd say that children of all ages can enjoy this; boys can get into the swashbuckling and action whereas girls can get into the fairies, romance and even flying. Heck, even adults can have fun with this due to how entertainingly fun and even emotional at times it is, as it may bring them back to memories of when they were age 12 that is.

Reviewed by datautisticgamer-74853 8 / 10 / 10

It may never age as a whole

As with my past few reviews, I got to view this movie thanks to my Disneyphilic aunt, who likes this movie so much that she has both the 1990 and 1997 VHS releases. Since the 1990 release first caught my eye, we decided to view it since we had almost too much leisure time today. My thoughts are? The story brings with it quite an enjoyable amount of wit and some surprisingly effective slapstick (especially by today's standards), though I was indeed disappointed at how they took some liberties from the play regarding the fictional Piccaninny tribe. I wasn't particularly shocked at the stereotypes, but it didn't contribute much to the humor or anything of quality. When it comes to the characters, I did appreciate how they made Tinker Bell helpful but with just the right amount of sass to make her stand out more from previous Disney heroines. I also identified a lot with Wendy's perspective on several things, such as Pan's behavior. Pan himself is rather fun, though he as well as the Jolly Roger's crew did make this one of the sillier Disney movies. I could appreciate that; the humor as I mentioned does mostly work. What the animation doesn't convey in settings and effects compared to prior Disney movies, it does convey in the character movement to enrich the slapstick. I didn't particularly care for the music, because it's really forgettable and doesn't deserve to be the first thing people remember about this movie. This is yet another Disney winner that I'm certain will be enjoyed by most families. Others might object to the portrayal of the Piccaninny tribe as stereotypical Natives or be repulsed by the surprisingly colorful description of how Captain Hook got his name. Even then, I would say this is worth it for some laughs over 76 minutes.

Reviewed by Faith Marshall 8 / 10 / 10


For some reason, this never really appealed to me until yesterday. I thought it was okay, not that magical, and though occupying, not captivating or entertaining. But like I did with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I am asking myself what was wrong with me. Something told me I needed to watch it again, and I did. I was blown away and touched at the same time. This is incredibly magical and adventurous. From plot to characters to animation, it's all beautiful. Though Peter Pan is stuck up, he is still likable. Tinker Bell can sometimes be--well, a jerk--but she is still fun, with all her sauciness. The Lost Boys are likable, and Wendy is a great character and singer. Speaking of songs, I do not find many of them memorable, except for "Your Mother and Mine," and the song sung by a chorus when Peter Pan and the Darling children are first flying outside. Oh, that moment is magical. It is so sweet and memorable, something that you'd love to watch over and over again. Now, of course, it's not all perfect. Like I said, not many of the songs are memorable, and there are a bunch of cheesy gags that don't appeal to us (after all, this came out 64 years ago). But in the end, this is a wonderful movie. Though it's not perfect, it's still magical and captivating. I sincerely hope it is added to the Walt Disney Signature Collection, a collection of Disney animated movies on Blu-ray that are famous, wonderful, and well-loved. That is exactly the way Peter Pan should be looked at.

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