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Amitabh Bachchan as Narayan Shankar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AyeshT 9 / 10 / 10

Piku is not a movie to be seen.. it's a movie to be experienced.. :)

If you are looking to be a part of an endearing journey of a father and daughter, do watch this movie at the very earliest. If you are looking for make-up laden actors, designer costumes, over the top acting, actors bursting in a song & dance sequence at the drop of a hat, this movie is not for you. Shoojit Sircar has once again made a film that touches a chord in each one of us, and entertains us at the same time. The movie revolves around the love-hate relationship of a daughter, with her father. Mostly love, and a very very slight hint of hate towards each others idiosyncrasies. I won't disclose the details of this beautiful story, but you know it's going to be a fun ride, when the most talked about topic in the entire movie is the bowel movements of the protagonist of the film, Mr Amitabh Bachchan :) Kudos to the casting department, for choosing the finest actors in the industry. A movie like Piku reminds us of why Amitabh Bachchan, is Amitabh Bachchan!! He is an absolute delight to watch. I am tempted to say, his acting was impeccable..but that would not be doing him justice. Not once throughout the movie did i feel that he was 'acting' - it just felt so REAL, so relatable, so genuine, so simple! And i think that's the best compliment any actor can garner from the viewers. His expressions and mannerisms were so cute, that sometimes you just felt like leaping into the screen, and giving him a warm bear hug :D This movie would not have been what it is, without two more of the finest actors from the current crop - the effervescent Deepika Padukone and the ever-so-versatile Irrfan Khan. They too were extremely natural - their look, dialogue delivery, emotions, expressions were all so real, you could actually feel what they were feeling.. their frustrations, their ire, their subtle chemistry, their happy moments and the quiet understanding and rapport they built over their journey from Delhi to Kolkata.. Deepika Padukone, as always, looked absolutely stunning, but this time sans the heavy make-up and blingy costumes. Another thing that stood out for me in the movie was the absence of song and dance sequences. The songs played only as background scores and blended in beautifully with the story. The beautiful words and soulful music is definitely something you will carry with you, as you walk out the theatre. Kudos to everyone who put this movie together - the artists, the director, the producers, the costume department, the make-up team, the set designers, the script writers, the music directors, the cinematographers :) Thank you for not just giving us a movie, but giving us an EXPERIENCE!! We sure enjoyed our time with the endearing Banerjee family :D Go, watch! :)

Reviewed by ashchan1111 7 / 10 / 10

Emotional and Entertaining

Wow...! I expect this level of expression from Bollywood. In the midst of nonsense and illogical movies, comes a piece of powerful and sentimental love,emotion and drama. It is based on a Father - Daughter relationship which people may call weird but, in fact it is depiction of situations of all old and sick parents in the world, specially India. Why should u watch it ? Because Bachchan Sir has given us a memorable and subjective touch through his acting as Piku's father. It shows how a daughter never forgets her duties even when his father irritates her by impulsive and relentless behavior. It shows how a man accepts death happily. It shows love is not a treaty. It takes us to a life changing journey from Delhi to Calcutta by road ! Just exchange of thoughts and love sprouts from strangest of places with strangest of people no matter what are the circumstances. Irfan is as expected, Deepika fits to the role, Amitabh sir is unforgettable.

Reviewed by namashi_1 7 / 10 / 10

A Sweet & Simple Film...

Shoojit Sircar reigns supreme as his latest offering 'Piku', is a hugely entertaining, simple & sweet film, that also has some amazing performances working for it. Here's a film that has humor, emotions & the pace, one expected from it. 'Piku' examines the life of a father & daughter, along-with a dry-humored car-hiring company owner/chauffeur. 'Piku' is about relationships & responsibility. The narrative wonderfully narrates the relationship of an overbearing, constipated father & his hard-working daughter. Even the part of the car-hiring company owner is so nicely written. In fact, the diversity between its primary characters is what makes 'Piku' such an absorbing watch. There are moments when you laugh-out-loud & there are times when your heart just melts. You feel for the characters & that kind of connect, is a huge bonus for any film. While the first-hour builds-up the structure of the film with some hilarious moments, the second-hour shifts into the emotional zone, especially in the penultimate portions. 'Piku' is a lovely blend of humor & emotions. Juhi Chaturvedi's Screenplay is first-class. She has created a world of difficult, diverse minds with precision. A Special Mention for the fantastic dialogue all through. Shoojit Sircar's Direction is excellent. Sircar is only getting better & better with every film. He's undoubtedly, among the most precious filmmakers working in the Hindi Film Industry today! Cinematography, Editing & Art Design, are superb. Music & Background Score by Anupam Roy is wonderful. Performance-Wise: 'Piku' is enriched by amazing performances. Deepika Padukone is at her natural best as Piku, the daughter of a selfish father, who's torn between responsibility & her own ambitions. Deepika is believable & affecting throughout. Amitabh Bachchan, as the selfish & constipated old-man, is outstanding. Right from speaking Bengali with the correct dialect, to delivering some of the spiciest lines, the legend doesn't seem to miss a single beat. Irrfan is fabulous. He's given some of the film's best moments & the talented actor only elevates those moments with his superior act. Moushumi Chatterjee is flawless. Its so nice to see the veteran back after a hiatus. Raghuvir Yadav & Jishu Sengupta lend able support. On the whole, 'Piku' is one enjoyable ride! Go, have a good time! Recommended!

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