Piranha II: The Spawning

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Carole Davis as Rose Leroux
Lance Henriksen as Captain Houdee
Steve Marachuk as Tyler Sherman
Tricia O'Neil as Anne Kimbrough
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wilbur-10 6 / 10 / 10

Beaches, bikinis, babes and flying killer piranha - what more can you ask for?

This really isn't too bad a film, and is certainly a worthy sequel to the original. 'Piranha' worked because it was tongue-in-cheek, making fun of the films it was parodying. 'Piranha II' tries to be more serious, but is so cheesy that it manages, by default, to be just as effective. This time round the Piranha have moved from the river and are in the sea, able to fly as a result of scientists crossing genes to make the ultimate killing machine. After the opening scene which is similar to the one in Jaws 2, (except here the two divers are lovers trying for some underwater coupling), the film introduces a variety of characters, most of which are surprisingly endearing in a 'B' movie kind of way; particularly two topless good-time girls who get provisions from a stuttering chef with the promise of a threesome. Lance Henriksen, who continued a lucrative association with Cameron, plays the police chief, who is a hybrid of Brody from 'Jaws' and Colonel Kilgore from 'Apocalypse Now'. He valiantly plays a straight role as all around him descends into chaotic fun. The flying piranha attack like vampire bats, going for the throats of their luckless victims; whilst they also have Alien-like trends, one bursting out of a dead body to attack a nurse. As can be gathered, I found this film great fun - most production values are of a reasonable standard, particularly the underwater photography. The piranha themselves are a disappointment, but they play second fiddle to the characters and storyline. People who slate the film need to watch the likes of 'Barracuda' or 'Evil in the Deep', both of which are fathoms below 'Piranha II'. Any film with dialogue like "Do you dive on your first date?" gets the thumbs up from me.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 10 / 10 / 10

The Ultimate Weapon

In a Caribbean island, a couple is found dead inside a sunken ship. The scuba diving instructor of the local resort Anne Kimbrough (Tricia O'Neil) breaks in the morgue with her acquaintance Tyler Sherman (Steve Marachuk) and finds that the bodies have been eaten in many parts. They have one night stand and Tyler tells her that he is a biochemist that have developed a specimen of genetically modified piranha capable of flying to be the ultimate weapon. Unfortunately they had lost a cylinder full of the new breed in the water. During the fishing party promoted by the resort, the piranhas attack the guests. Anne and Tyler decide to explode the ship to destroy the nest of the predator. This shameful rip-off of "Jaws" is simply awful. The saddest surprise is that this is practically the debut of director James Cameron, from "Terminator", "Aliens", "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and "Titanic". The cheesy "Piranha Part Two: The Spawning" has a terrible story associated to bad acting, using all the typical clichés of this type of B-Movie and caricatures instead of characters. My vote is three. Title (Brazil): "Piranha II – Assassinas Voadoras" ("Piranha II – Flying Assassins")

Reviewed by johanwictorsson 10 / 10 / 10

come on guys!!!

sure it's not the best movie ever made,,but they don't do this kind of movies any more. it has a bit of that early 80's charm over it. And Lance Henriksen is never bad in a movie. sure the script blows but what a hell it's entertaining as hell. And the effects looks very cheesy at some times. mostly on the flying piranha effects they looks darn ugly. it had been better if the fishes stayed in the sea:-) those effects worked better. the music sounded like some Italian giallo film. maybe the reason for that was that the producer was Italian. iv'e got the DVD version of the film and it looks pretty good in widescreen. some scenes i wished they would have cut out, like some of the more comic characters,in a movie like this that aims for a serious story don't need unrealistic comic reliefs. like the scene when they chant *we want fish* what did the script makers think. if this was a comedy it would have been a blast,,but not when it's gonna be a horror movie. but if you ignore all the flaws in this movie and just see it for what is it's pretty OK. a forgotten little horror flick from the early 80's

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