Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

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Reviewed by waitingforgodot 1 / 10 / 10


I haven't hated a film in a long time. Usually, I can sit through bad or boring films with a shrug and find its hidden merits. During Pirates 3 however, I was beset with ill-feeling. I hated this movie. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I haven't seen Pirates 2 since last year, or maybe it's just me, but this film was making no sense! Characters would change sides without any apparent reason or consequence. Chow Yun-Fat was around for about ten minutes of screen time, and did nothing. And the love angle between Keira and Orlando was nonsense. The final beach scene anyone? And Johnny doesn't even show up for at least 20 minutes! (His first scene was the best one in the film in my opinion.) And the thing is, I really enjoyed 1 and 2. Pirates 1 was great and 2 was tolerable. But for some reason, this installment triggered something in my mind that I could not let go. And ••SPOILER•• OK they have a god. What do they come up with? Let's turn her into a giant, have her grunt in low bass tones, and then turn her into thousands of crabs... Hmmm... Right. But... everyone's going to see this anyway. I mean, they got my $10 right?

Reviewed by tough_guy007 1 / 10 / 10

Good conclusion to the series, same problems as the 2nd

AWE was a decent close to the trilogy (although they did leave it open for the possibility of a 4th). Lets go down the list: 1) Holy cow. The CGI is breathtaking. The details on the sets is just as breathtaking. The filming sites were beautiful. These are a talented group of folks I tell ya. GREAT job. 2) Acting .. both good and bad. Sparrow, Barbossa, Beckett, Norrington, Jones, and Gibbs provided some very good acting and funny moments. However, they were offset by Pintel and Ragetti (they got annoying in the 2nd film and it didn't stop here. While I enjoyed the idea of Tia Dalma's character, I wasn't impressed with the performance by beautiful Miss Harris. I haven't especially liked Keira all that much in other things she has done and it was the same here. Decent actress but not overly impressive. Stellan's portrayal of Bill Turner was decent enough but a notch down from what we KNOW he can do. Now the best for last. Im a 100% hetero male and even I can say that Orlando Bloom is a VERY good looking guy. But for the love of pete, this guy is one of the most terrible actors ever and strangely, he was cast in two of the biggest, most profitable trilogies ever. He has essentially played the same character in every movie, just with different costumes. His mannerisms, his low "sexy" voice, his facial expressions .. ALLLL the same, all the time. Sooo blahhhhhhh. 3) The story was good but there was too much of it. It has been said here but I will say it again. At one point, I just stopped trying to follow along and just enjoyed it. Everyone stabbed everyone else in the back at least once. It wasn't "hard to follow" but a movie like this isn't supposed to make you think. You want that, go see .... Clue :P the whole Singapore thing was just unneeded. While it did add a new element to the film, it just seemed too forced. 4) Running time was a tad bit long but it passed fairly quickly due to the great action sequences. All in all .. I was impressed with the movie, but it has its problems. Much like part 2. I say go and see it. You wont be disappointed but you wont walk out thinking you just saw a masterpiece either. Just my thoughts ...

Reviewed by ikhebadsl 1 / 10 / 10

part 1 and 2 were great, part 3 is a big disappointment

I really don't understand what happened here. I absolutely loved part 1 and 2, but this time things went very wrong. A couple of things I want of my chest: - As mentioned before by other people, the movie has too many (sub)plots, making it hard to follow as you are constantly thinking about what the last scene meant. The whole calypso character is a joke. In part one, The Black Pearl was 'da bomb'. In part two it was the flying Dutchman and the Kraken. Now in part three they needed something that could top that all and they come up with some fake God which does nothing in the end, except make the weather bad. How cool is that? (Not) - All the action in the film is stuffed together, making the biggest part of the film very boring and the 'exiting' part is over the top. I like action a lot, but this was just too much. Especially with the rest of the movie having only a few small action moment. I swear that if Lord of the rings hadn't happened, we wouldn't have seen such a stupid armada of battleships at the end. How unrealistic. Especially for a Disney film: How lame to let Will die. Everybody would like to see that couple (Will and Elizabeth) together! For God's sake, Capt Jack even wanted to be the next captain of the flying Dutchman, why not let him? Everybody happy! - The worst thing is that because this movie disappoints me a lot, part two has become useless as well! That film (part 2) ends abruptly so we are forces to watch or even buy part three, or else two is unfinished. You probably will watch this movie anyway (I can't blame you, I made the same mistake) but if you don't need to, at least don't watch it at the movies. Just rent it some day. They don't deserve the money. Thanx for reading!

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