Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

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Jack Davenport as Edward Fletcher-Wooten
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BiiivAL 9 / 10 / 10

Gentlemen, ladies .... You will forever remember the day when you first saw the incomparable Captain Jack Sparrow!

This film impressed me right after the first viewing, in August 2003, after which the following followed and so quietly peacefully, imperceptibly, I probably approached the mark of ten views. In principle, it's worth it, this film can already be called a legend, and it's a pleasure to watch such films. And now also compare with the sequel, but in fact someone seriously believes that the sequel came out better than the first episode. I, of course, do not agree with this, but I will not argue, everyone has an opinion, and there will be euphoria from viewing (views) of the "Deadlock Chest" and people will soberly look at the "Curse of the Black Pearl" and realize that the second part is not even nearby worth, but it is also a product of the highest class. The first film is better, maybe not all, but in humor and the plot exactly, and even such a banal sign as novelty, in the second part we saw only a sequel, a slightly different story with the same characters, and in the first film, it was all new , and moments are brilliant. When I speak genius with regard to this film, then, of course, I have the look of Jack Sparrow in the incredible performance of Johnny Depp. This is one of his best roles, from the very beginning he was performed in a genuinely brilliant way, from the first appearance on the screen to the eighth when he sailed on a small boat, flowing through all the cracks, to excellent music - completely capturing the episode, one of the best in all movie. And his first step to Port Royal, an English colony in the Caribbean. And after it began ... The whole genius of Jack Sparrow's image can not be conveyed in words, that's why we watch this film and review it time after time, and expect the continuation. Especially the second part is the benefit of Jack, and in the first and except for Jack there was a lot of interesting things. About humor, plot, music, I already said. And also this is the Captain of the "Black Pearl" Barbossa, some minor characters among the Barbosa pirates and among Jack's team. In addition, you can add to the appearance of Jack in the city of Torturra, a meeting with old friends and friends. Or repeated scenes, when Barbossa and Sparrow are in one frame. All these and other episodes can only be admired, for, they do not bother and remain in the memory. The plot of the first part is much more interesting than the plot of continuation, besides the ship full of skeletons under the moonlight, where it surpasses the ship from the team in the form of sea monsters-yudisch. Special effects are here and there at a level, at a high level. Pirate films now go to the screens of the world a little, and no one can surpass the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea, here in fact there is even a romantic story between Elizabeth and William, the only problem for them is that it moves back to the second or third plan , thanks to the excellent performance of pirates of their roles. Young Bloom and Knightley could not support the level of their older colleagues, I would say that it's forgivable for them, if they were not so important to the director and producers, and in the eyes of ordinary fans of this film, they are not visible, they swam far beyond the horizon, only, unfortunately, sometimes appear on the screen saying important phrases, for me these characters are superfluous. About Bloom, you can talk separately, his goal is to play a simpleton, spinning around the main character, sometimes trying to throw out an incredible and very daring trick, in the first part he still copes with the role of a simpleton, but when he tries to play the guy, everything fails, he does not go, and should run all career in a skirt of Paris. And in the second part of it they are already trying to make a serious man, give a chance to steer at the head of the film, but time to think, because Jack can not block him, and he does not want to be funny, but could try, maybe an idiot with the protagonist - his role ? The screen time for the Knightley-Bloom duo is very little allocated, I mean when they are together, and for this it is necessary to say a special thanks to the creators of the film, this does not allow to turn the film into a love story of two childhood friends, but, damn it, from time to time they turn out to be in one frame, and these frames can easily be called not the most interesting for the whole film, in the sense of an acting game, because these young actors do not show anything super-ordinary. Ditch the ocean, shoot cannons (even with forks), rob ships and ports here is the destiny of pirates, and after they also appear on the screen under the magnificent setting of Verbinsky - that's the real movie. The spark from the sensations is getting stronger, the film practically does not allow him to tear himself away for two and a half hours of viewing, except for the episodes of Knightley-Bloom, but this does not prevent the movie from watching when Jack Sparrow appears from the second to the second. The film really deserves only flattering reviews. The ending of the film, although romantic, but much better than in the second part, when I did not see the ending, it was simply not invented - it's the main and very big minus of the second part, but now the conversation is not about it, because the first part ended very much in rating , I do not mean the MPAA rating, but the main thing is that it's a cobblestone in the sequel garden. This movie you will remember as the best one in which Captain Jack Sparrow was almost hanged.

Reviewed by edu-82268 8 / 10 / 10

The joys of Attraction

Two major constituents make Pirates of the Caribbean a cinematic attraction: dynamic inventiveness and the great spectacle. The first is seen in the encounter with the sword between Bloom & Depp in the Forge, where we exploit all possible springs of accessories, planks, beams, gears, for a high-flying fight that sends us back to the beautiful hours of aerobatics of a Errol Flynn Some 70 years ago. The second is played in the pretty successful effects of the zombie pirates passing under the lighting of the moon, including this very nice underwater walk.

Reviewed by simpsonguy27 8 / 10 / 10

Good blend of action and story

This swashbuckling adventure movie, simply put, blew me away. I had seen it multiple times as a child and I liked it then. But now that I'm an adult, I love it. When I watched it when I was younger, I mainly just viewed it as a mindless action movie with pirates in it. Now I understand it a lot better, with the treasure /curse being the focal point of the movie. This aspect of it drives the movie forward, while also having some fantastic action sequences inter-spliced throughout. The pacing of it was great, in a similar regard. Also let's not dismiss the acting here. They brought in some heavy hitters...Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush,...and they ALL hit it out of the park. The crew of this film also did an amazing job, having good time-appropriate costumes and the effects were decent, given when it was made. Overall, the first Pirates is a great way to spend two and a half hours. It might seem like a long running time, but it does not drag at all, as each minute is filled with cinematic bliss.

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