Plain Clothes


Comedy / Mystery / Romance

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Harry Shearer as Simon Feck
Loren Dean as Matt Dunbar
Max Perlich as Boo
Robert Stack as Jim Beckley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10 / 10

Back to school

Undercover cop Arliss Howard is used to Plain Clothes assignments, but usually those are indeed assigned. He goes undercover on his own to find out the murderer of one of the high school faculty. The victim falls dead in his classroom and the cops have arrested student Loren Dean for the murderer. But Dean is Howard's brother and Howard starts his own investigation by going back to high school where he becomes popular when he accidentally punches out Principal Robert Stack. There's a treasure trove of suspects among the faculty which includes Diane Ladd, Abe Vigoda, George Wendt, and Suzy Amis. The students also have suspects such as school bully Peter Dobson. Plain Clothes will yield a few laughs for most moviegoers. The climax which was staged at a carnival seems to have been borrowed in part from Some Came Running and Abbott&Costello Go To Hollywood. I'll let you watch and see who the real murderer is and which film you think inspired the final chase scene.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 / 10 / 10

"Things are kind of hot in here"

Arliss Howard (looking at home) stars in this enjoyably offbeat mystery comedy, which he plays a cop who goes undercover at his brother's high school when he's accused of stabbing a teacher. Because how young he looks no one believes he's a cop, so why not go back to school to figure who committed the murder and helping is his partner (a terrific Seymour Cassel) who pretends to be his father. But there's no escaping the daily grind of high school. Kind of surprised this is not more well known, bestowing an excellent ensemble cast (George Wendt, Diana Ladd, Suzy Amis, Larry Pine and Robert Stack) giving decent performances by presenting an odd assortment of characters and sharing great chemistry (especially Howard and Cassel). The story moves between trying to connect the dots throwing out possible leads and red herrings (in predictably daft way), while also adjusting to school life. These are the usual things (bullying, popularity and crushes), but it remains charming, authentically atmospheric and lightly humorous. There's a certain mock seriousness attitude abound and there's neat running gag involving amusing quips over the school PA system and a memorable little poetry reading to explain the word metaphor. It has snappy energy and frequent humour, while low-key it does balance out nicely against its murder mystery angle. Pleasing under-the-radar late 80s comedy.

Reviewed by vertigo_14 6 / 10 / 10

A great, mildly funny obscure 80s comedy for us mildly amusing obscure 80s fans.

'Plain Clothes' is not great comedy, though it does, at least subtly, attempt stupid humor (such as the running gags with the school announcements and the Springsteen jokes). And, as a b-comedy with a relatively unknown cast leading with Arliss Howard and Seymour Cassell (who is great, but doesn't often act in the mainstream circuit), this may be one obscure 80s comedy that could only really be best enjoyed by us fans of obscure 80s movies. Familiar, name-escaping faces, a different story, high school in the 80s, it just might have what you're looking for. Plain Clothes is the story of a babyface young cop (Arliss Howard) who's younger brother is prime suspect in a teacher's unusual murder at his high school. Convinced that his brother is telling the truth when he claims to be innocent, the cop goes undercover as a high school student to investigate. Only, what he discovers is much more than just a murder. You have your typical 80s teen movie elements, since this does take place in a high school and our main character does pose as one of the more interesting students. Love triangles and social scuffles mixed with the suspense/action of the cop story angle. It does quite a bit of shifting and does, as another viewer commented, culminate in a rather confusing climax. For this bit of narrative game playing and mild comedy treatment, this movie is perfect for just a certain kind of audience (if you love obscure b-80s movies) and a certain kind of day (lazy weekend noons are probably best). By the way, Max Perlich fans should not miss him in his trademark leather jacket and buzz cut when he shows up (briefly) as Carter, one of the kids who befriends the undercover cop.

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