Planet Earth

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John Saxon as David Parkson
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Ted Cassidy as Hachita
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by storman 10 / 10 / 10

Could have been a great series!

As I've said many times before, the networks dropped the ball, when they didn't pick up Planet Earth for a TV series. It seems every time Gene Roddenberry came up with a great new series(Questor Tapes, Genesis II, Planet Earth, Spectre), the networks failed to see his vision. After recently watching this show again, I'm still puzzled why this Pilot wasn't picked up for a series. This show could have been a Star Trek on Earth.

Reviewed by HEFILM 8 / 10 / 10

Weakest of 70's horny Roddenberry phase

It plays kind of like a rejected Star Trek episode, but not one of the better ones but that does give it a bit of nostalgia value. The opening is loaded with voice over narration to explain the whole set up for those who didn't watch Genesis 2 the previous year. The basic idea is the same as one Rod Serling had for a series or show that he never had an ending for, that didn't stop Roddenberry. Of course since this is kind of weak stuff the network actually let Roddenberry have two pilots but it still didn't go to series. This also shows where some of the "new" ideas for the first Star Trek film came from. The enemy characters have a sort of spine on their bald foreheads like the Klingons soon would have and the main uniforms are sort of the same "Jammies" that the first Star Trek feature featured. It's poorly structured with characters disappearing for long periods of time and the whole thing stops totally dead during the horny Roddenbery staple which was part of all his things during this period of time. That would be the scene where the man has to prove he's the world's greatest lover to the less experienced woman to save the day. And it takes forever for this section to be over with. It just seems like dirty old man material, kind of leering and juvenile at the same time. John Saxon does strike some good Kirk poses and it's nice to see Cassidy with a meaty role--he does a couple of impressive stunts during the big brawl ending. This really feels like the Planet of the Apes series that came shortly after this. It's perfectly fine this didn't go to series, too bad that far superior Spectre and Questor Tapes didn't even get 2 chances that this one didn't deserve.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10 / 10

I liked this TV pilot though most of America didn't

This was a second TV pilot for a proposed sci-fi series by Gene Roddenberry. The first, Earth II, starred Alex Cord. This time, things are almost the same, though John Saxon plays the lead. Saxon's characterization is less serious than Cord's and seems to be very much like Captain Kirk placed in an alternate version of Earth. The plot involves a group from PAX (a group of goody-goodies who are a lot like a planet-bound Federation--they try to make sure the world runs in peace and try to interfere in other cultures only when it's necessary). They are looking for an important scientist who disappeared in an amazon-like culture. It's up to Saxon and the others to infiltrate and return him before it's too late. FYI--Another team member is played by Ted Cassidy (Lurch the Butler from the Addams Family). I would have loved to see him return to a weekly series, though he died just a few years after this pilot was completed (died on the operating table while undergoing heart surgery).

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