Planet Raptor

Action / Science Fiction

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Peter Jason as Sgt. Pappy Mathis
Steven Bauer as Khan Taj
Ted Raimi as Dimwit
Vanessa Angel as Diane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10 / 10

Raptor Island 2, and just as awful

I know it seems like it's a hobby that I rag on the SyFy movies. Trust me it isn't. I do keep watching them to see if they get any better, I do like to be entertained and I have once before if only to revel in their awfulness. But I couldn't do that with Planet Raptor. I disliked Raptor Island also, but compared to this (sort of) sequel it looks like an award winner. Planet Raptor suffers first and foremost from being cheaply made, the photography and editing are among the most choppy of any of SyFy's movies, and the special effects are abysmal, not only out-of scale and phony-looking but some like the dino munching on Steven Bauer actually look as though they were recycled from Raptor Island. The acting is just as bad, showing no kind of personality(apart from perhaps the end credits) or wanting to be there. In all honesty though, they don't have much to work with. The script is in extreme volumes of cheesiness and aimlessness, the story and action sequences are predictable and never exciting or suspenseful, the pacing is dull, the characters are clichéd and not likable at all and the direction is of lazy incompetence. Overall, a truly awful waste of time, one of about twenty plus times I have been infuriated rather than mildly entertained by a SyFy movie. And if I hear or see one more person trying to justify their movies' badness one more time, saying that it's meant to be bad(a typical cop-out of anybody trying to defend a disliked movie/show), I am going to scream, to me there is nothing fun about terrible visuals, flat directing, pacing and acting and completely uninteresting script and story, and while there is once in a while when these components are actually tolerable for SyFy Planet Raptor is not one of them. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by tdi-6 5 / 10 / 10

For the love of god, STOP MAKING THESE!

It's made in 2007 and the CG is bad for a movie made in 1998. At one part in the movie there is a stop motion shot of a dinosaur that actually looks good, but this just makes the extremely amateur work on the CG stuff look even worse. The writing, acting, directing and everything else in this movie is just terrible. This is as bad as, if not worse than Raptor Island and 100 million BC... pure crap! Again, as with the other movies, the only scary part about this movie is that it actually got made and is now being aired on the sci-fi channel. I still can't understand how they somehow get people who do have some acting skills to act in these movies and then somehow get them to act as terrible as everyone else in the movie. For those of you who are unsure, the other poster is obviously being sarcastic in his review... or he is one of the people who worked on this movie.

Reviewed by mooch1013 5 / 10 / 10

Charmingly Bad

The fact that the movie is named "Planet Raptor" really ought to tell you everything you need to know. Even before you start watching, you pretty much know in advance that it will involve some kind of dinosaur-like creatures that will kill people in amusingly graphic ways. The main questions answered by the movie will not be grand existential questions such as the meaning of life, or what is love, no, the questions answered by the movie will be: 1. How long will it take before the raptors start killing the people? 2. Will the people get off any good lines before they die and/or as they are dying? 3. Once the killing starts, will the more attractive cast members manage to escape (the unattractive ones are pretty much going to be raptor-fodder)? A side issue will be determining just how bad the special-effects will be. Anyway, having sort of watched Planet Raptor, I am pleased to report that as far as cheesy- bad Sci-Fi Channel made-for-TV movies go, this one is actually pretty watcheable. I don't want to bang my head against the wall, or jab a pencil through my eyeballs. I consider this to be a victory for this sort of movie. Sure, it's not what you could consider "good", but what did you expect? The friggin' movie is titled "Planet Raptor"! *Very Mild Spoiler Alert* The answers to the questions posed above are: 1. Too Long 2. Kinda 3. Yes a. the special effects were very, very, not-good

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