Playing with Dolls


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Patient444 2 / 10 / 10

NOTHING happens!!!

This movie right here is without a doubt one of the weakest I have ever seen, and I've seen many!! Believe me when I tell you this: nothing happens!! OK, read carefully and don't you dare to double check me cause that will mean watching it for yourself, so please, please let me do you this one favor and steer you in another direction. At first I couldn't believe how many shots were pretty much for nothing, just to fill some time, but as the movie progressed I discovered that it actually has almost nothing to show. Two kills, not all made by the killer, close to no plot, no gore, little nudity, a good killer mask and a laughable soundtrack. The killer has almost no action whatsoever, which is quite amazing for a horror, the main actor is shown the entire movie, as she eats, dances, sleeps and so on and then when the ending comes, it just comes. A few "action" scenes and the end! Playing with dolls should be named Playing with your nerves! Don't do it. Very weak production! Cheers!

Reviewed by kaihbr 1 / 10 / 10

Rather have shards of glass in my eyes

It's easy enough to criticize this movie, so I'll get to that in a minute. First I'd like to tell you about what I liked with the movie. It's going to be a short list: two pretty looking girls. It also had a kind of scary location - deep inside a forest. A place no one can get without having a car pumped full of gas - twice! Before you continue reading... I'm writing about a lot of the things that happen in the movie, so if you want to see it, don't read any further. It will spoil some of the "fantastic" surprises. A girl is left all alone in an apartment because her room mate has left her for some reason. We never get to know why. Desperate from not having any money, she accepts a job offer paying a lot of money. She leaves her apartment without bringing any luggage. No clean underwear, no tooth brush, no jacket... even though she knows she's going to be away for more than a month. Maybe her room mate took her toothbrush, who knows? She gets to this cabin. A psychopath is running inside the house but she doesn't notice him. He tries to grab her a couple of times, but she still doesn't notice he's there. All she does is dance, eat and drink alcohol. Probably in the job description... Suddenly a police officer arrives. He is all alone without any contact with other police officers. Not even as much as a system in case he goes missing in action. No no... this cop is on his own! The police officer hasn't eaten or had anything to drink for four days, staying out in the cold, being hunted and shot at. Even so, he's still ready to flirt. When the girl puts a grenade in the dryer (yes, she probably thought the grenade was too wet), the cop has to rush the grenade outside. He is now being shot at. The funny thing about this is that no one is actually aiming. They're just shooting. The other thing... no one is taking cover. They're just standing in the middle of open fields ready to get shot. Not really impressing for soldiers hired to protect the ground! The movie ended exactly where the budget did... and without any explanation. Add bad acting and a murderer that doesn't really murder and seems more like a really stupid version of Blane, you get an awful movie. I'd like to point out two more things... someone is always observing what is going on through cameras mounted everywhere. This is a millionaire supposed to be far away from the actual house where everything takes place. However... when things turn sour, he appears within three minutes. How does he do that? A girl is running through the forest. The murderer is walking. When the girl stops to catch her breath behind a tree, the murderer is there also. How did he do that? Sorry for the spoilers... avoid this movie!

Reviewed by richardhoughton 1 / 10 / 10

Waste of Time Movie

Just suffered through possibly one of the worst 2015 horror movies ever. "Playing with Dolls" Whaetever it was about who knows? A woman went to a cabin in the woods after getting some call from a lady who gave her a key to a car and she drove there and was picked up and taken the rest of the way to the cabin, Then we watch for half hour as she eats, sleeps and dances around the house, unknown to her that there are camera's in the house watching her every move while some weirdo sits there watching her and a killer in the house. Let's just say the killer in the mask and rags is pathetic...he kills no one the whole movie, and the only kills were from the police themselves and all the scary masked killer does is walk around trying to be scary but fails badly. The characters I didn't care for or like and nothing happens this whole movie. Do not waste 1 hour 20 with this movie and the ending was bad enough as it comes finally and ends just like that!! Bad and a failure of a movie.....The producers of this movie and all people involves should be hanged for this shame of a movie! 1 out of 10

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