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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly Witty and Funny

The foreman Marc Modena (Clovis Cornillac) and his beloved girlfriend Emma (Julie Depardieu) buy an old house expecting to raise a family of their own. Soon Marc sees five gay clubbers partying all the nights in the basement and disturbing him with the loud music. However Emma does not see the men and believes Marc is getting crazy; then she leaves him. Marc researches the Internet and finds that the basement of his house was a gay nightclub. In 1979, it has blown-up and five bodies have not been found. Marc also contacts a medium that explains that only straight people are able to see the ghosts that are trapped in the house. Meanwhile Marc befriends the gay ghosts and they decide to help him to get Emma back. "Poltergay" is one of those films that a straight viewer has lower expectation; however, it is surprisingly witty and funny since it is not racy. Most of the jokes are silly and even naive but make laugh. But the characters are charismatic and the film is entertaining. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): "Poltergay"

Reviewed by DICK STEEL 9 / 10 / 10

A Nutshell Review: Poltergay

I'll have to admit that Poltergay is a lot of fun, for straight folks and gay folks alike. It's probably something that Kelvin Tong's Men in White could have been - smart, witty and with that level of cheekiness, without almost always falling flat on its jokes. If it could have been at least what Poltergay was, then it won't have to suffer the misery of a relatively poor box office, or DVDs that I think most people would stand around the shops to watch for free, rather than to purchase a copy for personal consumption. The plot for Poltergay is a no brainer. Married couple Marc (Clovis Cornillac) and Emma (Julie Depardieu) move into an old dilapidated house at a bargain price. While slowly converting it to livable conditions, it turns out that Marc begins to hear things (extremely loud music at 0155hrs each time), before suddenly realizing there're 5 queer men living in his cellar. However, it seems that he's the only one who can see these fellas, and before you know it, he's branded mad, and runs into martial troubles because, well, it's a gay themed movie, so naturally, everyone around thinks that Marc is a closet gay, secretly fantasizing about men, and 5 of them no less! What I liked about the movie is how it incorporated the gay moments into the story and the jokes quite seamlessly, and introduced perhaps in an extremely novel way, the rationale behind ghost-spotting. It certainly took the mickey out of a lot of things, and brought out some laughter in subtle, razor sharp manner. However it is not without its flaws, as the introduction was a tad too draggy, and I thought took about an hour before the pace and the comedy picks up, and suddenly, there was a big squeeze of plenty of smaller subplots into the last 30 minutes, including the resolution and finale. Essentially it boiled down to screwing up, wrecking havoc, before the ghouls decided to help Marc get back to this normal life again. And the ghouls were pretty hilarious in themselves, with their penchant for tight clothing, and their disco dancing ways to Boney M's Rasputin for instance, injecting a certain amount of retro disco energy when they get down to boogeying the night away. Their individual characters could not be any different from one another, with for instance, a closet heterosexual (oh!), a gay couple, one nursing a broken heart, and one who likes to replicate his male manhood at almost every conceivable object he can get his hands on. It didn't have to rely on crude toilet humour, nor plenty of slapstick moments to bring on the laughs. What it had was a refreshing take on the horror-comedy genre, with a twist of the queer for good measure. Like I mentioned, it's enjoyable fluff, good enough for those stressed out workdays where you need some light hearted relief to keep your sanity.

Reviewed by rwilbald 9 / 10 / 10

A little gem

Every now and so often you stumble across a movie you don't think much about, but it turns out to be a little gem. Poltergay is one of those movies. It's near perfect and doesn't deserve the relatively low rating it gets here. The plot is simple, but the writing, directing & acting are superb. This movie makes you laugh and cry - sometimes at the same time. The humour is soooo silly, almost innocently sweet, there is no hidden agenda, no big political statements, just good natured fun with a big heart. Yes, a couple of the jokes fall flat, but you can forgive that because overall, this is a truly wonderful crazy ride. Cast is top notch, length & pacing is good, and even the sometimes silly special effects are supporting the story perfectly. Give it a go, whether you're straight or gay - you will love it.

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