Population Zero


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
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Duane Murray as Dwayne Nelson
Jonathan Potts as Victor Flynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kingofclassics 1 / 10 / 10

Stolen premise. Shameless.

The premise of this film was taken directly from the best selling novel called Free Fire. The highly sophisticated legal premise in this film does not match the juvenile nature of the rest of this movie. Free Fire's author wrote the following on Rotten Tomatoes: "This "documentary" is a poor re-hash of a novel I wrote In 2007 entitled FREE FIRE that was published by Penguin Random House. In my novel, a fictional murder that occurs in a remote section of Yellowstone Park where the murderer goes free because of an obscure Constitutional loophole. The novel was inspired by an essay by a brilliant Michigan State law professor named Brian Kalt who was credited in my novel but not Population Zero. Free Fire is still in print and it's been translated in over 27 languages. What happens in the book is wholly fictional. I was contacted several months ago by a volunteer at a film festival who screened Pinder's and Levins's Population Zero. The volunteer said it closely mirrored Free Fire but without any attribution. That festival rejected the submission. After consulting lawyers we learned that plagiarism has to be literal, i.e. replicating actual lines of prose or dialog. Legalities aside, the premise, plot, structure, hook, and conclusion are strikingly similar to my novel. Anyone who has read Free Fire would agree. No reason to see the film, though. Except for the premise it really isn't very good." C.J. Box

Reviewed by notany 1 / 10 / 10

Well done nothing

This film is made documentary style and quite well. It's very slow burn style I liked and the scenes are beautiful. It's the story that can't carry the film. If I want watch TV for an hour, I don't wan't to watch fake documentary. Yes, it has some drama an thrill but it's only purpose seems to be there because it has to. Wasted an hour for a very short story stretched unnecessarily. Slow burn is OK, but it must deliver. Four stars because it was technically well done.

Reviewed by pbk4037 1 / 10 / 10

Waste of time

Thanks for a complete waste of my viewing time. The film started out pretty interesting and then right at the end somehow turned into an idiotic crusade against fracking! I'm still getting over the stupidity of it.

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