Pornocratie: Les nouvelles multinationales du sexe



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 10 / 10 / 10

Well done and informative

Judging by the many poor reviews here I suspect many don't want to have their porn judged, but this is a very well done documentary. A woman who once worked in porn, examines just what has happened in the porn industry as free tubes sites have taken over. She explores it from top to bottom, and we meet not only performers and producers, but people who have investigated the secretive people who actually run the industry. I know I learned a lot from it and was fascinated by it. If you're expecting to see porn in this, well it's not included. What I did see was a kind of shocking and sickening tale of what the world has become.

Reviewed by lakatosgaspar 2 / 10 / 10

It's watchable, not too bad

I loved the first part where the general tone was 'oh, the girls have to shoot harder stuff' and 'these guys ruin these poor souls'. But the first two well known people 'in porn' shown were Woodman and Rocco, and to be honest these two guys back in the day made the hardest and most degrading stuff I've ever seen. They also talked about how underage people are exposed to porn now, but even when there were only magazines, casettes, cds and dvds it was pretty easy to get your hand on one. Now I'm not saying those sites shouldn't have a better verfication. The method "Yes, I am over 18" is pretty bad. Then came the vision of a shady porn empire that looks like it evades taxes. And they also take 78% of the money from I guess channels. And they don't respect the crew on a pornshoot. It was a really straightforward message. A bit onesided too. Wouldn't call this an investigation though.

Reviewed by jake_fantom 2 / 10 / 10

A steaming pile of nonsense

This documentary, and I hesitate to call it that, purports to reveal the secrets of the international digital porn industry - but in fact reveals very little about anything. The interviewer, ostensibly herself a former European porn star, remains largely mute during the interviews, so it is not surprising that she doesn't get much out of her subjects. The thread that runs through the film (along with titillating snippets of hardcore porn) is that a mysterious multinational porn cabal is up to something fishy, perhaps laundering money. Duh. I am tempted to give this a single star but am upping it to two stars solely because of the wonderful scene, early on in the film, where Pierre Woodman, one of the inventors of misogynist porn in which women are physically abused to the point of tears, complains so long and loud about the online "tube" industry stealing his content and virtually putting him out of business unless he shoots and edits his movies all by himself using a crappy camcorder and a laptop - that he crashes the car he is driving on the middle of the interview. THAT is worth watching. And from the expressionless interviewer, not a single word.

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