President Wolfman


Comedy / Horror

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July 17, 2020



Marc Evan Jackson as John Wolfman
Patrick Seitz as Don Underwear
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gregberne11 3 / 10 / 10

I want to like it but can't

I want to like this movie and I like silly, campy, bad B-movies like this from the old days and new ones with silly themes and titles like this. The problem is this movie uses old stock footage and grainy old B-movies nobody liked enough to keep copyrighted, so it's pieced together from just a bunch of garbage. It might be "green" and good for the environment or whatever which I do appreciate, and I appreciate the effort that went into this, it's just not very entertaining to me. The editing and mishmash of stock footage is clunky and the story that is built around it isn't so much silly, fun as it is boring and thrown together to excuse what footage is crammed into it. Maybe there's a better picture to be made with footage and this was a learning experience, I wish the filmmakers luck in the future and do appreciate the effort, work and ideas behind this project.

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