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Reviewed by kairingler 7 / 10 / 10

women's prison

i thought that this was one of the better made for TV offerings in the past. this is something that i would expect to find on Oxygen or Lifetime Network,, Stephanie Zimbalist did a great job,, i haven't seen her in anything,, since Remington Steele, i'm embarrassed to say,, the movie was very well done i thought,, i did think though they could have better explained the whole real estate deal thing,, and show her boss in the movie,, executing one of his "deals". Once she got to prison here is where the movie just takes hold of you, and really does not let you go at all,, all of the stuff those women are forced to endure, the drugs, the rape,, to pay for their crimes to society,, and our main character stands up for what she believes in to save the day for the whole female prison population,, note,, Dan Lauria, plays a very nasty bad guy in this one,, overall a very well made TV movie,, that should NOT be missed by anyone who loves movies.

Reviewed by sol1218 9 / 10 / 10

I thought I was doing the right thing

(There are Spoilers) Trying to save her boss money, that she pocketed, in eliminating the middle-man in buying office equipment landed Lynn Schaffer, Stephanie Zimberlist, in a womens correctional facility for a ten year stretch. Trying to adjust to prison life Lynn soon begins to realize that the prison is not a correction facility but a prostitution ring, used by the prison guards. The guards farm the women prisoners out to local motels as hookers and keep the women in line by getting them , if their not already, hooked on drugs that are supplied to them by the prison guards themselves. The corrupt guards headed by the smirking and sleazy Sgt. Crang, Dan Lauria, also have their way with the women prisoners at the facility by constantly raping them. In a number of cases getting the women pregnant and having the fetus aborted by giving them drugs that cause a miscarriage to hide the evidence. Lynn seeing all this and also being a victim of Crang's sick sexual groupings in one case within sight of her husband Larry and 10 year-old daughter Karen, Gary Franks & Stephanie Sawyer, turned her into a curseder for womens rights in prison but at the cost of her as well as little Karen's,who was threatened with death by Sgt. Crang & Co., safety. Not as brutal and graphic as most "women in prison" movies "Prison of Secrets" has the fact that it's based on a true story that resulted in the shake-up of a womens correctional facility where 20 male guards ended up getting fired and two convicted for sexual abuse of the women prisoners. It wasn't easy for Lynn to get her fellow women prisoners to go along with her in signing affidavits accusing Sgt. Crang of abusing them. Most of the women not wanting to rock the boat and end up in even worse condition that they already were in. It was Lynn's dogged determination and courage, by putting her health and life on the line, in her fight for them that turned the women around and tuned the tables on Sgt. Crang and his fellow corrupt prison guards in the end. Crang doing all he can to keep Lynn quiet, even threatening to murder her daughter, made her even more determined to get the truth out. With the help of her husband Larry, who's a talk-show host, Lynn made waves as far and as high as to the states woman Senator Green, Anita Finlay,who came to the correction facility with a task force to find out what was happening there and how the prisoners were being treated. Sgt. Crang pulling out all stops has Lynn thrown into isolation and replaces her with another women prisoner Angie ,Fionla Houghes, who's been turning tricks to impersonate her as a last ditch effort to cover his, and is fellow prison guards, a**es. All of Crang's efforts fall apart when Lynn escapes from her confinement and together with a handful of affidavit's that she hid in her bunk, from the women who were abused and exploited by him. Lynn gets to Senator Green just before she's ushered out of the prison by a nervous Sgt. Crang and his boss, the simple-minded and totally out of touch top prison administrator, Warden Stewert.

Reviewed by Turquaduck 9 / 10 / 10

This happens to be one of my favorite movies.

This movie was based on a true story, so it was supposed to be rather accurate. However, I realize that some details were probably jazzed up a little bit. This movie revealed some of the terrible things that can and DO happen in places that are supposedly secure and trustworthy. It just goes to show that some people are less honest and sometimes dangerous. I thought the female guard, Sheila, had a lot of charisma. She really risked a lot to help Lynn, but in the end she helped to stop one of the worst criminal circumstances in our nation. I liked how Lynn took it upon herself to help others inside the female prison, or at least tried to help. It shows that she really cared about the safety of these women and that is saying something for her.

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