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Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 7 / 10 / 10

More watchable and more interesting when watched a second time.

When i first watched this film earlier this year i found it depressing due to the ending, but rewatching it a second time i knew the outcome and could appreciate the film a bit more. Directors Adam Kassen and Mark Kassen did a good job with this. This true story based indie movie is well-acted, Chris Evans plays the character of real life Michael David "Mike" Weiss very-well as a clever probate lawyer that loves his drugs, but starts to get extremely serious about exposing and taking down a powerful company that refuses to use safer needles, he makes the character likable which has you feeling very sad when his ultimate outcome is revealed. This film is informative, and Weiss's actions with the lawsuit obviously inspired his friend/work-partner to continue with the case, and as we find out - a lot of hospitals now use the new plastic needles, but most hospitals are still deciding to stay old-school resulting in tragedies as well as the plastic needles apparently being reused in poor countries also resulting in diseases. The bottom line is a small positive outcome/change was made through all of this, which is a great thing! By the time the film ends, you can't help but feel sadness due to the tragic end of Weiss's life. The film makes it seem like his death may have been the result of foul play with that car that follows him before his death, but then the film tells us his death was the result of a drug overdose and no further investigation was made. The end scene is the most heartbreaking scene and that depressing song at the end does not help. I only recommend that you watch this film once or twice at the most.

Reviewed by kevandeb 8 / 10 / 10

We deserve far more accounts such as these.

The malfaescence and life v profit accounts that trickle through to the general public are a disgrace, I would surmise we see a mere fraction of what goes on in the corporate world. It makes me sick seeing account after account dragged out and defended to the hilt by billion dollar companies that can afford the slimiest of representation to simply swat away the plethora of complainants with limited resource, but still manage to persevere to see their day in court. I have long since given up on this world, simply existing and wishing no part in this life. However, gems such as this movie reignite the spark of humanity that most of us possess. The film, whilst a sluggish start, keeps building into a damming indictment of greed and corporate America. A world where if you question the power of such companies and their lobbyists you are considered an enemy of the state. I have lost hope for change in my lifetime, but a reset and a global mass rejection of neoliberalism is overdue. A great film to keep reminding us that the enemy is within.

Reviewed by Sathesh S 8 / 10 / 10

Good watch for the intentions !

Saying about the movie, when you look technically into it - There is no concrete story line help up, though the story revolves around the protagonist Mike Weiss, it doesn't stick upto the thing. It swings to many corners like Mike Weiss personal life - drug addictions PaulDanziger family and problems Jeffrey Dancort Nathaniel Price's character exposition The nurse's story May those are the things that was the take away from the true incidents but which in-turn didn't make us to hold firm to the one-liner of the movie or build up the intensity in any point of time.So, technically I would rate 6.5/10. Still I prefer to rate high for the intentions of the movie to bring the facts to light.(I didn't know about the safety needles until I watched it!)

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