Pursuit of the Graf Spee

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Bernard Lee as Jack
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John Le Mesurier as Dr. Monnet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DB-55 8 / 10 / 10

Rousing well made movie, using some of the original ships.

Fine, entertaining movie of the famous sea battle between 3 smaller British warships versus the great German Pocket Battleship "Graf Spee". Tremendous sea scenes , aided by the fact that most of the original ships which fought the actual battle are used in the movie. Well acted all-round with Peter Finch doing a fine job as Captain Langsdorf.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 10 / 10 / 10

Exceptional, but certainly not everyone's cup of tea.

This film is about the final days of the German pocket battleship (like a heavy cruiser), GRAF SPEE. This ship did a lot of damage to British shipping during the early days of the war until she was ultimately hunted down by a small armada of smaller and very vulnerable naval vessels. I enjoyed this film very much because I am a history teacher and love realistic war films. Unfortunately, while this film was big on realism, it also will probably seem a tad dull to the average person because it did stress realism and not huge name actors and unnecessary action. While there were many fine British actors in important roles (Anthony Quayle, Bernard Lee and Peter Finch, among others), to the average American audience they probably will seem more like sea men versus actors. This and the script really worked together to produce a film that seemed almost like a documentary in how it tried very hard to get the details right--and as a WWII buff, this impressed me very much. There are a few omissions or mistakes in the film, but they aren't all that important. First, of course the Spee had been sunk, so an American ship filled in--and this is certainly forgivable. Second, oddly, in the original version, the movie is called "The Battle of the River Plate" but there was no River Plate. The word was "Plata"--meaning Silver River when correctly translated into English. Finally, and I can understand why they didn't mention this, shortly after the German Captain scuttled his ship he committed suicide. However, I did appreciate how the film portrayed him as an ultimately decent and competent man--a nice requiem for a fallen enemy who was just doing his duty. Overall, not a film for the casual viewer but certainly one for history and naval buffs out there. Great stuff.

Reviewed by erwin5711 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent British Naval Drama. A Must-see.

I love this movie. Peter Finch stars as Capt. Langsdorf of the German "pocket" battleship Admiral Graf Spee. He is perfect; from the almost swashbuckly entrance and dialogue with Capt. Dove, a merchant captain whose ship they've just sunk, to the trance-like confusion at the end of the film. There are so many great actors in this film its almost like "the Longest Day," except these guys act. Christopher Lee as Manolo, the jealous bar owner; Anthony Quayle as Commodore Harwood; Anthony Newly as a sailor with about three lines that he still manages to over-act; and John Gregson, who plays Capt. Bell of the British cruiser Exeter. Well known, and often quirky co-directors and writers, Emeric Pressburger and Michael Powell bring together spectacular shots of many of the actual ships involved in the battle with an almost ensemble-like feeling in the cast. From the British Ambassador with the no-nonsense, sharped-tongued secretary to the goofy-gaucho interpreter for the reporter, Mike Fowler, these powerfully presented characters intensify the real drama of this battle. It wasn't just a sea battle, it was political, involving sailors, spies, and bad cafe singing.

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