Queen of the Damned

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Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran / Quetesh
Lena Olin as Dolores
Stuart Townsend as Jericho Ford
Vincent Perez as Christian de Neuvillette
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Twiggy1331 2 / 10 / 10

An insult to Anne Rice

For months I have been anticipating the opening of Queen of the Damned. Luckily my university had a free sneak preview last night. I read the book and knew beforehand the movie did not follow the book very closely (as basically none of the character's physical features were kept true to the book). If I had paid to see this movie, I would want my money back. This has to be one of the worst adaptations I have ever seen. For those who have not read the book and/or are not Anne Rice fans: if you really want to see it, don't expect much from the script or from Aaliyah's acting. The story seems very shallow and skips around without really giving any character or situation any depth. The movie has a bright spot with songs from Jonathan Davis of Korn, Godhead, Deftones, and more. For those Anne Rice fans: Do not see this movie unless you want to walk away mad and with your head shaking. The fact that they changed so much from the book is astounding. Let me give you some examples. Lestat has brown hair and eyes. Maharet does not have red hair, but luckily Jesse does. There is no Legend of the Twins, and there are no twins- just Maharet. The origin of the vampires is not told or even hinted at. Louis, Gabriel, and Daniel are omitted from the movie. Marius makes Lestat and teaches him all about being a vampire (but in Interview, weren't we told Lestat learned nothing from his maker? Hum.) Marius is never trapped in ice. Jesse longs to become a vampire and it is Lestat who turns her into one, she is never injured. Armand has a minute of screen time, in which he is a blond haired fop. When Akasha massacred, they were men and women. There is no "female liberation" is this movie. David Talbot is young. Akasha kills Pandora by making her burst into flames. Akasha dies when Lestat, Armand, Maharet suck her dry and because Maharet got the last drop, she is now stone. In addition to all this, the opening credits and first 10 minutes or so are pure cheese. The theater was laughing at its corniness. Other scenes seem silly, though they were not intended to be this way. Lestat lacks the fire and cockiness that Tom Cruise's character possessed. Every character is a very watered down version of what they should be. It was also just so lovely to hear Aaliyah speak every word with a Dracula accent. Basically, if you are going to spend any money on Queen of the Damned, spend it on the soundtrack, not this butchered, Hollywood version of a great book.

Reviewed by batman1891 1 / 10 / 10

Exactly what I expected

This film was basically set up for failure by the studio. One, Anne Rice (author of the book) offered to write the screen play but was refused by the studio. Two, they tried to stuff 2 in depth novels in to a 2hour movie. I maintain the only way for these two books -Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned- to work in a live action form would be through a mini-series. First off the the Vampire Lestat alone takes place from the 1700's to the 1980's and has a plethora of character vital to the plot understanding of the main character, Lestat. The entire book Vampire Lestat sets up the events of the second part Queen of the Damned. Without that full understanding the premise of a movie is destroyed. Lestat was not cruel and vicious to all, he was not wanting to go along with Akasha's plans, Marius did not make Lestat, Lestat did not love Jesse or make her, Lestat could not go remain unscathed by the light, Marius was not after David nor the other way around, every character was completely represented wrong, BASICALLY same names different story. If they wanted to make a vampire movie, fine. Even if you wanted to be inspired by these novels, fine. But don't piggie back into the theaters off the success of Rice's great novels and characters just to destroy what her loyal readers have come to love. If you haven't read the books you won't understand the film really, if you have read the books you will be insulted. That being said, I am such a huge fan I had to see the movie knowing full well this was going to be the case and still went for it. Catch 22, must see it, will hate it.

Reviewed by cobweb_fairy 1 / 10 / 10

Read the book instead.

This movie was a good book turned into a brain dead vampire movie aimed at teenagers. First of all it's based on half the story (the book before it in the series "The Vampire Lestat" ended with the beginning of "Queen of the Damned") They left out main characters, omitted the histories, and even changed how Lestat became a vampire, what was left out of "Interview With The Vampire" felt like they just needed to fit into some time constraints, what they did with "Queen of the Damned" was a hack and slash job. Even taking it separately from the book, it was at best mediocre. The characters were two dimensional, and bland, and the plot was boring and unconnected. This movie's only redeeming qualities were the mood the lighting and the sets added, and the costumes, which both were wonderful, but besides that, read the book instead.

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