Raaz 3: The Third Dimension


Horror / Romance / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bobbysing 5 / 10 / 10

A better attempt by Vikram which does have its usual flaws.

Vishesh Films have recently found a new formula of success apart from their earlier fixed patterns of film-making, which is en-cashing the brand name of their previous hits through their so called sequels. The audiences easily relate to the 'Title' with their fond memories of the original and then opt for its sequel, expecting a similar kind of output from the same. And the Bhatts have easily managed to make some money from their last such ventures, even though they were all pretty weak films as per their subject and execution. But here in RAAZ 3 they surprisingly come up with at least something to watch, despite of having its usual flaws and drawbacks. Beginning with its weaker points, the film strictly follows the decades old rule of Hindi Cinema wherein Horror Films must have some unwanted sex and songs too to provide the required relief to the viewers. So, RAAZ 3 also has many similar sequences wherein the camera starts from the legs itself, the heroine seduces the hero to commit a serious crime and the couple suddenly decides to lock their lips just after a terrifying moment, making you laugh instead of getting frightened. But what pinches you even more than these forced sex scenes are the songs which hinder the pace of the film hugely and don't really have some listening value too, which is usually not a feature of Vishesh Films. Background score also remains screechy and loud which fails to create any kind of terror needed before all those horrifying moments on the screen. In fact, while watching it I fondly remembered the subtle and intelligent use of minimum background score by the South Asian film- makers in their brilliant Horror films such as RINGU,SHUTTER, JU-ON and many more. In short if you edit out that one funny kissing scene and all the songs from the film, replacing its routine background score with an experimental one, then RAAZ 3 does become a watchable movie (better than many recent trashy projects) having few positive points as mentioned below. As its very first plus point, though not anything fresh but thankfully it does have a believable storyline written around the subject of love, jealousy and competition involved in the film business itself. One may call it completely imaginary and superstitious but there have been real life unconfirmed stories of allegations made by actors on each other of using Black Magic in the past. And that only becomes the basic premise of the storyline in RAAZ 3 which was also earlier used in HO SAKTA HAI (2004) and PHOONK (2008). Secondly, the film cannot be called only a Horror movie as it does have some human relationship angles incorporated in its script which actually help in converting it into a one- time watch. So its not the same old, ugly looking Ghost following the whole cast and killing them one by one to take his revenge. R3 has got the elements of sibling jealousy, love and hatred along with an undercurrent of GUILT running throughout the film, felt by its lead hero Emraan Hashmi. Though I wished that this guilt factor could have been used more brightly in its second half but still the director doesn't waste it completely. Thirdly RAAZ 3 also has few appreciable scenes like the one where Bipasha meets the Black Magic man for the first time, the climax confronting the Ghost and the Cockroach attack sequence post intermission which can easily be rated as one of the boldest suggestive scenes filmed on a lead actress in the recent times. Regarding the performances, honestly there is nothing exceptional but still Bipashaemotes well caught in the rage of jealousy against her rival actress. However I really didn't find her enjoying her dances at all. Esha does much better than her previous films in the role of the victimized lady and Emraan Hashmi surprisingly plays it real cool in a controlled manner which works at times. Manish Chaudhari as the Evil Spirit doesn't get much scope but he still excels in his few scenes. The film's cinematography together with a fine art direction (Indoor Sets) manages to take you in and out of world of spirits successfully. Hence they all work together to a certain extent, majorly because the director remains focused on his story- telling too along with the Horror genre of his film. Moreover, unlike Vikram's last venture (DANGEROUS ISHQ), he doesn't rely excessively on either the 3D factor or the Special Effects used, which eventually brings in a certain kind of balance in the film resulting in a better product. That is if you watch it in 3D then you are sure going to get many things coming on to you as expected. But if you prefer watching it in 2D then also the film remains the same as it is not hugely dependent upon the technology to generate any bigger impact. In all, RAAZ 3 may not be anything great or path-breaking but it still has its moments which might work more in the smaller centers where the sex-horror genre has certainly got a mass appeal.

Reviewed by shubh_328-471-817687 1 / 10 / 10

Let This Raaz be a Raaz.. Don't waste your time and money unraveling it....

Well its a yet another addition to the sad collection of the 'so called' bollywood Genre of horror and this time it's again from the "Bhatt Camp". Mahesh Bhatt along with Vikram Bhatt have made it a pain stricken habit (especially for the general public), to pick up their used up movie titles which had earlier managed to make money and generate popularity, and cook it up with some really pathetic story and even more dreadful screenplay. The only innovation or change(as you would say) is that they don't forget to play with some numbers... i.e.. 1.....2.....and now a sick and forgettable ...3. Raaz 3 written by Shagufta Rafique, who has constantly been an ardent team member for Mahesh and Vikram Bhatt and who also wrote Raaz(2002), messed it up this one..... Big time. With Raaz 3, we see the leading lady of the original Raaz(2002), Bipasha Basu making her re-appearance. Bipasha dawns the character of a top actress whose only ambition in her life is to win the 'Best Actress' award. Well to tell you, she is a pro in her field of work... according to Mr. Rafique (The Writer). But folks, how can you even think that she can fulfill her dreams so easily. Enters, Esha Gupta(Jannat 2), the new bollywood and this time, in the movie too. She swept away the award for which Bipasha was rooting for so Long........ BOOM.....And here kick starts your movie.... Raazzzzzz 3. Bipasha later takes the help of black magic to ruin Esha's success and happiness and to regain for herself the lost glory. In between this magical Cat fight is stuck up our country's official 'serial kisser' , Mr. Hashmi, who was genuinely improving as an actor till the time he was away from the Bhatt camp. For Emraan you can just feel pity and nothing else. You can find him running behind Bipasha, Esha and the comical ghost at frequent intervals. Ohh Man... what more I can say.. huh. The rest of the movie is a severe pain in the head as its a "3D"...... yes its a "3D". It's becoming an irritating trend in bollywood to make or release movies in 3D, just to add up more number of audience. After a long list of previously "3D" titled movies, which were just edited in 3D, Raaz 3 actually is one of the movies that has been completely shot in 3D rather than just being edited in. Inspite of that fact the '3D sense' of the movie does not even slightly appear as any different from the pack of existing failures. A Big disappointment. The Bhatt's are constantly using up their old titles and mixing them with numbers. Murder 1, 2...Jannat 1, 2....Jism 1, 2... and now Raaz 1,2 and 3. If you ask me frankly Raaz 3 seriously does not offer anything new or anything out of the box.., well it doesn't even try to.Be it dialogs, moments , all are stereotypical. "Contains Spoilers" For e.g.. A doctor yammering up "Mere 15 saal kay profession men Maine aisa case kabhi nahi dekha." Well Mr. Doc I am sorry for you because for past more than 20 years, all horror genuinely release bollywood movies have this same dialog by every doctor. Take 10 kilos of crap and put on one side of the weighing machine's plate. Now, even if you write 'Raaz 3' on the other plate of the machine your 10 kilos of crap will shoot up. The movie is that heavy and premium quality of crap. I'm sure Vikram and Mahesh Bhatt had worked hard to build this piece of nonsense. If you are planning to watch Raaz 3 in a theater then I strongly advice you to donate that money to the poor and needy. If you want to rent a CD...its a NO. If you want to download it, then, well, I can't stop you.. but there is no Anti-Virus in the market at present that can prevent your system being infected from the crap that will be spread by this "immensely degraded" movie. Raaz 3 all in all is a Poor movie by all or any standards. Stay at home and have look at Bipasha Basu's picture on the internet with face close-up.. and there you have watched your Raaz 3.

Reviewed by afterbuddha 1 / 10 / 10

Very dumb movie

This is movie is a dumb effort to continue the RAAZ legacy. one of the most stupid movies of all times. The story is okay. Direction is cheap. Cast has acted dumb - all three of them. The extras are funny! The music is bad and so is the background music. If you watch the movie you will understand what I am talking about. I will not recommend this movie at all. I also want Vikram Bhatt to stop making horror movies for the sake of making one. If u really want to watch RAAZ, watch RAAZ 1.

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