Ready for War


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grantonearth 1 / 10 / 10

Propaganda Machine

A "Documentary" about Illegals (technically a criminal) who join the US armed forces, fail to become a citizen within 8 years even though approval is guaranteed while they serve, then leave the service and become criminals (or continue to be criminals) get caught and get deported...then act like victims.

Reviewed by michaelalsop-22458 7 / 10 / 10

US War Vets or Deportees? Both

These men fought on behalf of the United States, so when do they become worthy of not being deported? When they raise their hand and swear to protect us? Upon graduation from basic training? The first time they wear the uniform? When the get on a plane with Americans and fly to a war zone? Their first combat mission? After their first deployment? After two? Ever? I fought in Afghanistan and Iraq with guys from Mexico and Belize, and they were just as much my brothers as anyone else born in KS. If they were killed, we draped an American flag over them and said goodbye. But if they survive we might deport them? Important message that hopefully brings change.

Reviewed by ocanau 7 / 10 / 10

Solid documentary

After seeing a 1 star from a reviewer on Amazon, and 5.6/10. I decided to give it a shot. My take on the entire documentary I can see how this film can be perceived as being a bit biased, in fact in the very beginning it seems as if the film director has an agenda but after watching the entire film I understand the message. As we all know too well many of our soldiers come back from war with ptsd, and a lot of our vets ("Americans" "non" immigrants) tend to self medicate, others even resort to committing non-violent offenses such as retail theft and other non-violent drug offenses. What I take from this film is if these "immigrants" were good enough to be excepted into the military and sent to war, than they should be excepted as "Americans" and they should able to remain in the United States.

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