Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade


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Ashley Johnson as Rose Elizabeth Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stupid_genius713 9 / 10 / 10

Fantastic Fifth Grade Finale

The movie, a three episode compilation, took an interesting turn. As the gang enters the fifth grade, a certain maturity comes along with it. The first story is about the controversial new policy introduced in the new year (welcomed whole-heartedly by the fifth grade teacher Miss Finster)that strips the school of all fun. In a protest of student rights TJ ditches school, leads a revolution, and returns a former adversary. The story makes a transition into an exclusive 5th and 6th grader club that enters a more mature theme of acceptance beyond cliques and age. Thirdly, Hallowe'en fun is in question as being older requires the gang to be more mature, but are fun and age really related? In conclusion, the movie searches the more mature themes of growing up with the same goofiness of the classic show. Even the jokes reach a higher level (Hustler Kid/Nixon?). In the end I was very impressed with a show that grew with the kids and was able to include the whole character list of episodes past (after some casting changes). Highly recommended to any fans.

Reviewed by sjbradford 9 / 10 / 10

Disappointing final chapter to the "Recess" series

Production shut down on ABC's "Recess" series after it reached 65 episodes, as is mandated by producer Disney. But "Recess" proved to be so popular that an additional 13 episodes were commissioned. For some reason, though, ABC never broadcast the new episodes and they were instead edited into three direct-to-video movies. This entry, comprised of three episodes loosely joined together, finds the "Recess" gang finally being promoted to the fifth grade. But it seems they've lost some of their magic with the change in grades. First of all, there are distracting problems with character voices. Courtland Mead (Gus) and Jason Davis (Mikey) don't quite sound like they usually do, and Myles Jeffrey has replaced Andrew Lawrence as TJ (Lawrence's voice was sounding pretty deep in the final episodes of the series, so this change is understandable). Jeffrey is OK, although he hasn't captured TJ's spunk the same way that Lawrence did. The real problem, though, is that the stories just seem...tired. The first, in which TJ becomes a truant to protest changes at school, is simply boring. The last one, in which Spinelli decides she is too old for Halloween, seems like a rehash of previous stories. Only the middle entry, in which the kids join a secret club, comes close to the series' standards. Fans of the series will understandably want to catch up with their favorite characters, but this movie may make them realize why all good things must come to an end.

Reviewed by husnain_05 9 / 10 / 10

Definitely one of the best Recess movies.

Recess: going to the fifth grade is a movie about the new school year and how the gang discover some unwelcoming changes - no good food like pizza, no good stuff left in the playground and no lockers.It's up to T.J. and the gang to solve this problem even though T.J. solves it by himself so he decides not to go to school and holds kind of petition. This is one of the best Recess movies ever and I really enjoy watching it because it's so funny and I most like all the Halloween parts. In this movie my favourite characters are Mikey,Vince and Principal Peter Prickly.The animation was very well put together and the voices were well put together.

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