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Ryan Phillippe as Jack Yorke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by larrys3 6 / 10 / 10

I've Seen Worse

I had very low expectations going in regarding this film, so I'd have to say it overall was somewhat better than I anticipated. Yes, it has some really ridiculous plot elements, but it does maintain a fair degree of tension throughout and might serve the viewer as simply an escape type flick. It also has quite the strong cast in John Cusack, Ryan Phillippe, Rachelle Lefevre, Jack Weaver, and Luis Guzman. Set in Puerto Rico, a well-off couple Steven (Phillippe) and Shannon (Lefevre) arrive on the island to pick up their newly adopted seven-year-old daughter Nina (Briana Roy). It's all been set up by an international adoption agency run by a Mrs. Reigert (Weaver), who greets them on their arrival and arranges for them to stay at a resort for a few days until Nina's passport comes through. While there, they're approached by the creepy and mysterious Benjamin (Cusack) and his two cohorts, and they start to feel quite uncomfortable with Benjamin's omnipresence and all his questions. Steven and Shannon change hotels, but soon find themselves right in the middle of a huge adoption scam called "reclaiming", and eventually even find themselves being kidnapped. All of this will eventually lead to a wild, prolonged, and rather melodramatic ending. All in all, as mentioned there's some gaping plot holes to be found in the movie, but I still thought there was enough here to be mildly entertaining. I've certainly seen a lot worse and felt it was worth the $1.59 I spent at redbox.

Reviewed by Roy Curiosa 1 / 10 / 10

Stupid movie

The most stupid movie I've ever watched. I beg you not to watch this. It'll just stress you how poorly this movie was made. Lot of things can be done to escape. The script is just too stupid. Very STUPID MOVIE. I've seen a lot of human trafficking movie but so far this is the worst. I don't know how is this a powerhouse movie. Nothing makes sense.

Reviewed by Chase_Mulligen 1 / 10 / 10

This movie.... I just don't even know where to start

I don't normally write reviews, but this movie was so bad I felt I had to go and get my ancient account out to say how bad it was. I am glad I did not pay money for the movie as I watched it on Netflix, so it was kind of free. Anyway, this review will contain spoilers, so proceed with caution if you wish to do so. So, let's start off with the beginning of the movie. Everything is going smooth, like way too smooth for an adoption and moving too fast, but meh let's say they are young and dumb. Forgivable, we shall call this Ball 1. They go to leave and ask about the Passport? Oh, that isn't done yet? Hm... OK, Strike 1 movie you have failed to impress me with your amazing skills at pulling me in. They run into a guy, John Cusack, that introduces himself and seems very familiar with the main's characters history though it would seem logically any stranger should not have an idea about your work. Strike 2 Movie After discussing a problem with the hotel they state they moved to another one and inform the adoption office they have moved. Another red flag here that the passport is still not there and these people just accept it. Strike 3 Movie The guy decides to go get a drink after he nearly killed his wife and ruined his chance at having a family naturally. Yeah, sure, especially when everything is going great why not drink the thing that reminds you of nearly killing your wife. Strike 4 Movie The bar fight scene happens and apparently the police ask no witnesses what happened? The police also don't seem to believe the only dude that got the crap beat out of him was the instigator? Strike 5 Movie Apparently it is a law in Puerto Rico you have to have your spouse get you out of jail for nothing, good thing he wasn't some single dude. Strike 6 Movie The girl who was at the fight scene suddenly claims she wants to help, but doesn't want the police involved. Strike 7 Movie The couple manage to escape multiple times from these inept criminal masterminds and have multiple opportunities to kill them or take control of the situation, but instead they just choose to run like scared little children. Strike 8, 9, Switch Sides The ending was by far the dumbest thing, "Let's take you home Nina, since we probably have acquired you through illegal means and have no way to back it in the court of law in the US let alone Puerto Rico." However, at that point, I had so resigned from the movie that the little girl could have turned into a dog and I would not have been shocked or expected any less. Thinking back on it, that would have probably been much easier to have explained. I am not a music, lighting or other type of guy, but these areas definitely needed work and seemed like it was choppily edited and rushed out the door. Seems like this movie suffered from too much producing not enough good movie making. The one positive thing I can say about this movie was despite the horrible writing, John Cusack played a great bad guy, which is why it got 1 star.

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