Red Devil


Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.8 10


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December 8, 2019


Jack Turner as Ben Livingston
Steven Berkoff as Medical Student
Vas Blackwood as Detective McQueen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Marco_From_Tropoja 1 / 10 / 10

Fake reviews - in reality it's pure muck

This is work of absolute muck of the highest order. Obviously there must be a imdb bot farm out there where you can throw them a few quid to boost the rating . That can be the only explanation. A special award is due for some of the worst dialogue that I've encountered in quite a while. Somebody thought that they'd try to be Quentin Tarantino and (in 1 or 2 good movie phase) Guy Ritchie's bash-tard love-child but they never got out of nappies.Fake reviews - pure muck.

Reviewed by xmutee 2 / 10 / 10

No, no! Don't listen to the naysayers, watch it!

They bash it because it doesn't fit in a genre? Why does art have to fit in anything? OK, I'll give them a genre, it's "fish&chips western"! Fresh and new! We've had "spagetti westerns" and they were successful, now somebody is brave enough to bring a new genre and that's what I call it. The script is very solid! Funny as hell at times (Pot growing junkie: "- What's wrong with my life? I'm a self-employed businessman. See, I'm one of this country's... interpreters." Imaginary friend: "You mean entrepreneur" Pot growing junkie: "Yeah, whatever"), bluntly realistic at others (depicting drug addiction at it's worst and the lengths an addict would go to get his hit). It hints at a lot and embraces multiple influences: "Natural Born Killers"- like lead characters, "Guy-Ritchie"- like philosophying underworld characters, Robert Rodriguez gore (and bombshell female lead!!!), "Ennio Morricone"- like score and I'm certain many more that I've missed on my first view. Acting is top notch! Upcoming talent and heavy-hitters alike. I mean, you have Steven Berkoff in it... 'Nuff said! Everybody did their job and made the characters believable. Photography was also good and speed was at junkie pace. Nothing wrong with this movie, got me from the first five minutes! Great "Fish&Chips Western"! Welcome a new genre!

Reviewed by safsurfer 2 / 10 / 10

Total rubbish, waste of time, all wrong

Where does one start a review on a film like about in the crapper because what a stinker this thing was. Not sure what genre this fits into or just someones art project but whatever the case it missed every mark. It felt cheap and super low budget like a high schoolers film project being made while on acid without any script or direction. The lighting was bad, editing didn't work, props and special effects were horrible, acting who knows because the script was so bad how could anyone fulfill such a pitiful production. Don't waste your time on this can thank yourself later after reading this review. A 5 on my scale is barely watchable, a rating given to most bad movies....I gave this a 2, do the math.

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