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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10 / 10

Island of death

'Red Island's' main attractions into seeing it in the first place were the concept, which was sort of intriguing though hardly original, and that it appeared in my "more like this" section. If it had not appeared in that section, 'Red Island' would still be unknown to me. The cover was sort of creepy as well, do have a thing for good concepts, promising covers/posters/advertising and talented casts and hate it when any or all of them are wasted. That is what happens with 'Red Island', well apart from the talented cast one due to being unfamiliar with the actors. Was really hoping that it would better than both the low rating and poor reviews, but in my annoyed mind both of them are more than well deserved. 'Red Island' really is that bad and listening to my curiosity is one of my biggest recent regrets. Am really not trying to be horrible and there is no malice intended, but this is my annoyance talking. Its least bad aspect is the lead actress Alex Rossoe, the one thing where any kind of effort can be seen but her material and character are extremely weakly written. Everybody else though are worse than mediocre, there is no real acting talent on display with them being completely disengaged and looking as if they wanted to be elsewhere. There is nothing interesting or likeable about any of the characters, all of them being sketchy at best and one does not root for them at all, more bored and annoyed by them. The script reeks of cheese, has such an awkward flow throughout and has no depth or intrigue whatsoever, seems the writers seemed to be going through the motions as well. As for the story, this single-handedly wrecks the film. It is paper thin and often very uneventful and what little there is is very predictable (the ulterior motive aspect was easily foreseeable far too early) and no suspense or creepiness are in sight. The pacing is deadly dull throughout, this is looking at the clock every five minutes worthy. The music is often very over-bearing and tends to be inappropriate in placement and mood, it belonged in another film really and the obvious and poorly balanced sound quality doesn't help. Visually it is not much better, instead it is very amateurish with a drab and chaotic look throughout. Summing up, awful. 1/10

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 1 / 10 / 10

Cursed Shrine

The film opens with a bit of a plot spoiler. John (Georgie Daburas) is explaining to a detective what happened on the deserted Pacific NW island and it is clear his wife Amy (Alex Essoe) is still there. They went there on vacation to patch up their relationship. John has an ulterior motive which comes out during the film. John also manages to remember stuff that Amy did when she was by herself. The writing wasn't that tight. The film dragged on as you knew where it was headed and every step along the way was boring. Was that black electrician's tape Amy wore as pasties? Guide: F-word. brief sex. brief partial nudity?

Reviewed by kwenchow 1 / 10 / 10

Another worst horror film I've watch this year! Slow like snail! Bored to freaking death!

The film start with the main male actor chase by some unknown creature! After that, the film depict a couple planning to a journey to a deep forest in an island! As turnout, actually the male character deceive the woman go with him to a so called "Curse Shrine"! And the thing chasing him actually is an alien! Entire film slow like waiting dead! Keep showing audience scene of the conversation their making in camp, walking along the jungle! Really bored! The barely intense scene is the woman bite the man shoulder! Lol! Have a nudity scene, when the man hallucinate himself with the woman making love! And eventually have some chasing scene at the end, but still bored as hell! The alien don't even kill the male character and it simply walk away like that! The woman gone missing at the end and show us the long angle of the island! That's all! The credit rolling! If you don't want get frustrated! Just avoid this film!

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