Red Tails

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April 12, 2019


Bryan Cranston as Virgil 'Gus' Grissom
Elijah Kelley as Danjou
Jaime King as Dr. Giselle Cohen
Michael B. Jordan as Teen #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Steve Boose 5 / 10 / 10

Nice to watch, hard to endure

When I got my big-screen TV, the first thing I watched on it (to, you know, calibrate it) was Red Tails. The aerial combat scenes were amazing to watch... And yet, there was so much garbage as well! For one thing, the difference between .30-calibre (that is, 3/10ths of an inch) and 30mm (1.2 inches!) is utterly ignored - big bullets repeatedly do little damage, while little bullets do big damage! People die or don't die as the plot of the story demands, not according to logic. And everyone's a type - no one is a full-fledged, fleshed-out character, but instead they are all a type filling a spot on the roster. I'd still watch it again, if only to hear the head mechanic shout the line, "Did someone shoot a train at you?!" one more time. If you want the real story, The Tuskeegee Airmen is out there. If you want to take your brain out and put it in a box, try this one.

Reviewed by DeadSpiderEye 1 / 10 / 10

The worst film ever made.

I'm not an American so the whole: The Black Experience thing, while not completely opaque, is tortuously arcane to my mind. Yeah I understand they feel bad about slavery and then they feel kind of warm and fuzzy about going to war to end it only to feel bad again about Georgia and then worse about the subsequent extermination of the indigenous American population but you know, the frequent bouts of indulgent guilt and ostensible virtue yanks are prone to over the topic, kinda makes me wanna puke. So it was with more than minor trepidation that I approached Red Tails, being certain that it were yet another touchy feely exploration of The Black Experience. Yet there were signs that things might be different, bad reviews in the dreary media hinting that it might've ruffled a few feathers. Eh ehem, yes it ruffled a few feathers alright but alas, not through dint of any much needed puncturing of the bloated moralising and mawkish sentimentality that normally accompanies The Black Experience. Oh no, we get mawkish and moralistic aplenty, possibly packed more densely into each painful minute of screen time than I've ever seen. It get's worse, it's actually genuinely offensive, I was astounded. I couldn't believe it but the script slanders actual war time fighter pilots in the most egregious manner, portraying them as glory hounds, reckless and irresponsible towards their compatriots. There's so much more though, hokey one liners from contrite white folk expressing their new found admiration for the darker compatriots, that are so vomit inducing I can't bring myself to quote them. A portrayal of the enemy personified through a character that goes beyond stereotype in a way that truly breaks new ground. The sloppy second unit work, where the director can't be bothered to move the camera or even the jeep, in two scenes that are supposed to be separated by weeks. Let's not even mention the aircraft to which the laws of physics and aerodynamics don't apply. Such a shame, could've been a great film, there is one saving grace though, the CGI is pretty good.

Reviewed by armtanker 1 / 10 / 10

I threw it away and it was a Christmas gift.

This movie is awful. German planes all nicely lined up on a paved airfield. I laughed so hard. The German dispersed their planes. The flying sequences are a joke and so is the cartoon like computer battles. I was given this movie as a Christmas gift. I watched it and threw it away on Christmas.

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