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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 8 / 10 / 10

A real dark area of police corruption showed in one impressive, can't miss Indie

Redball is an independent favorite with me, from the very first time, I viewed it. The performances of our corrupt police unit, are great, Mcclory, the only one who isn't polluted (a rotten apple) These cops have their share of problems, some sexually frustrated, ah yes: The hunt, two teenage girls (the innocent prey, one of them who's become a much beloved actress in a favorite Aussie drama), which I won't give away the name. Of course their problems don't give em' the right to conduct their own brand of justice, and over the top methods, all of them thinking they're invincible. No one's invincible. Redball packs such an punch, where it's such an electrically charged, psychological cop thriller, where a guy known as Mr Creep, is killing kids, with some of our team having the break the news to their loved ones. Of course other cops in the squad, who are really a squad to their own, but are family, which I liked, are busy interrogating chicken hawks, roughing up peep show operators (that dirty book shop store scene, and the video store scene, with that off the wall clerk, who of course have seen two many movies, are my favorite), corrupting minors or setting up drug dealers to save their own arse. Yes, there is a polluted air, an uncleanliness about the film, with some small sick areas/themes to it, which had my Dad, telling me to watch something else, but life in this crime unit, that operate outside the law is never roses. I must admit, I loved Neil Pigot in this movie as one of our corrupt guys in the division, where he's not the sharpest tool in the box, but plays the dummy, and loser character so well, in contrast to the smart arsehole types he normally plays, where there's an 180 degree turn here. It's Mcclory and Brumpton's performances though that will have you (especially Mcclory: she's so fantastic and believable) as our squad leads. I've never been so riveted to an Aussie film, like this one, again an opening credit sequence, honoring, Se7en, but this movie was riveting all the way. Honestly, anyone, who knocks this great Indie, deserves to be struck, not a redball, but a snooker ball. This is a heavy, intoxicating, and exciting viewing experience. Mark this one on your list, please.... See how many actors you can pick out here from the aids prison movie, Life. It's a healthy number.

Reviewed by sydneyswesternsuburbs 6 / 10 / 10

Classic Aussie Crime Flick

Director Jon Hewitt who also created other classic Australian flicks, Bloodlust 1992 and Acolytes 2008 has created another gem in Redball. Starring the talented John Brumpton who has been in other classic flicks, The Loved Ones 2009, Storm Warning 2007, Dance Me to My Song 1998, LIfe 1996, The Combination 2009, Romper Stomper 1992 and another classic Aussie crime flick Red Hill 2010. Also starring Belinda McClory who was also in Jon Hewitt's Acolytes and Life with John Brumpton and also the classic flick, The Matrix 1999. I loved the violence, drugs, sex and music by The Meanies in Redball. If you enjoyed this film as much as I did then check out other classic Aussie crime flicks, The Horseman 2008, Chopper 2000, Dirty Deeds 2002, The Boys 1998, The Magician 2005, Money Movers 1978, Getting Square 2003, Two Hands 1999 and West 2007.

Reviewed by simonsayz-1 6 / 10 / 10

"The Shield", Kiwi-Style...and without the good guys

This is what "The Shield" would look like if there were only Vic Mackeys on a very bad day and no detectives Wymms or Wagenbach around to uphold moral standards. In this little Aussie thriller cops are at the center of everything, but what cops they are: Everybody, really everybody, in Melbourne's police force seems to be corrupt or willing to break the laws. In one of its strong scenes you can see how even young and idealistic cops are drawn into this behavior, with corruption being like a contagious virus carried over from the older, more crooked cops. Even nominal heroine JJ Wilson (Belinda McClory,The Matrix's Switch) is only marginally better then the rest and in the single most intense scene of the film she nearly suffocates a suspect. She draws the line, however, when the case of a child murderer leads into the police force as well... "Redball" packs a punch with its "Seven"-styled title sequence but quickly loses its way a bit through too many vignettes showing dirty cops doing bad things. Unlike "The Shield" there is virtually no character development and the audience does not come around to care for most of the secondary policemen characters. This is not helped by some substandard acting from the Aussie actors portraying them. Only Wilson and John Brumpton as her partner give memorable performances. A good soundtrack and some arresting visuals cannot compensate for the shortcomings of a film that is too meandering in its structure (despite the short running time), has no characters we care about and is more dull than edgy in its unrelenting portrayal of crooked cops. While watchable if you're tired of "gooody-two-shoes" heroes, it falls short of having anything meaningful to say about these less-than-likable characters and thus sinks like the body in the river which numerous cops ignore as not to bother with the paperwork. A Redball - an important breakthrough in a big case - this movie ain't.

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