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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timodo 10 / 10 / 10

Some Hard Hitting Action with the Purest Form of Love !

Steven Murphy & Tiffany-Ellen Robinson Dominate the Screen in this Spectacular Love Story , of Sorts ! Ms. Robinson Sheds Her Breathtaking Beauty & transforms into 'Ava' , a down on her luck Young Waif , who lives on the streets & ho's life has fallen through the cracks ; & Mr. Smith gives an Unparalleled Performance as 'Jake' , a Muscular & Tough Brawler who has just been released from jail & trying to stay out of trouble . Fabulous Cassandra French portrays 'Jade' , Ava's Uncaring & Disinterested Mother , & Veteran Actor Tim Faraday is 'Wayne' , Ava's Miserable Thug of a Father , who cares about no-one but himself . Todd Von Joel is 'Blockface' & Brett McDermott is the aptly named 'Beast' . Jake's old friends are Don 'Tombstone' Toney as 'Terry' , Rocci Williams as 'Travis' , & Steve McCarten as 'Father Ted' ; & then there's Jane McKell as 'Clarissa' & Debbie Tarrier as 'Betty' . The stunning performances of Steven Murphy & Tiffany-Ellen Robinson , in this Gritty British Street Drama , can not be OverStated ; & the rest of the Cast's Performances are Dead-On-Target as well . There's Action , Brawling , & some Gunfire afoot in this Remarkable Epic Film ; & Stick around for the Climatic Ending !

Reviewed by psxexperten 4 / 10 / 10

Wow, What a HORRIBLE movie!!

This movie is one of the worst directed, worst written, and worst acted horror movies I have seen in awhile. Just skip it and find anything else. The ending, if u can even call it that, makes no sense, basically the movie just stops. Stop making movies with your kids pocket money.

Reviewed by jbar19 4 / 10 / 10

Unintelligible accents, unresolved plot What the hell did I watch?

Likeable characters who speak with such a strong English accent they should have included subtitles. The story goes nowhere. You keep waiting for action but it's few and far between. There is no resolution. It just ends. 4/10.

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