Remember My Name


Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bregund 7 / 10 / 10

Worth a second viewing

There are only a few movies I watch more than once, this one is on my list because of Geraldine Chaplin's psychotic performance as Emily. Here is an actor in top form, playing the role for all it's worth, and she is a joy to watch. Anthony Perkins's unstructured acting style serves to emphasize Chaplin's, while Jeff Goldblum and Alfre Woodard (does she ever age?) provide dramatic background characters. I'm less sold on Berry Berenson, who seems out of her depth here, but her tangible fear when Emily pops up in her house is serviceable. Okay, so about that ending, it's almost like they ran out of money and just called it a day, leaving an unfinished story. It's frustrating, but hear me out: this is how it feels when someone close walks out of your life, this is exactly what Emily experienced when Neil dumped her, and she wanted him to feel that way. I know it's a stretch and probably not intentional, but it's the only explanation that makes sense.

Reviewed by sol-kay 6 / 10 / 10

I've got a secret

(Some Spoilers) Showing up in town to start a new life Emily, Geraldine Chaplin, begins stalking the Curry's Neil & Barbara, Anthony Perkins & Berry Berenson,making in the end their lives miserable and causing the two to break up, with Emily being the other woman, in a weird and drunken relationship between her and Neil.It takes a while to figure out what exactly Emily has to do with the Curry's. In between her strange and violent antics were pounded over the head with TV and radio news reports of a massive 8.6 earthquake in the Hungarian capital city of Budapest that, by the time the movie is over, killed upwards of one million people. Getting a job at Mr. Nudd's, played by a very emaciated looking Jeff Goldblum, .99 cent bargain store as a cashier we finally get an idea of what Emily is all about with the knowledge that she was a cell-mate of Mr. Nudd's mother who was serving a life sentence from the murder of her husband, and Mr. Nudd's father. Mrs. Nudd promised Emily, also a convicted murderess, a job at her son's bargain store when she go out of prison. Emily uses the job to steal money from the cash register and keep tabs on the Curry's who occasionally shop in the store. The big surprise comes much later in the movie when we find out that Emily was at one time, before he met Barbara, married to Neil Curry and was driven to insanity and murder when she found that he was cheating on her. We get a good insight of a woman scorned in Emily's conduct towards her ex-husband Neil whom she does all she can to destroy his life and marriage as well as everyone who has anything to do with him. Going so far as to strike up a relationship with her super and the apartment security guard Pike, Moses Gunn, who at first wanted to have nothing to do with the crazy nut-case. Later Pike inexplicably fell under her spell and was as easy to handle and manipulate by Emily as a puppy being lead by a leash. It turns out that Emily has a maniacal plan, that she cooked up while in prison, to punish Neil for everything that he did to her. One thing she was planning was to get Neil alone, and drunk, in her apartment and have her "lover" who in this case turned to be the very hair-triggered and jealous Pike catch him there, and with the poor guy handcuffed to the bed, violently work him over. I think that's what happened at the end of the movie even though it was all left, being off camera, to the audiences imagination. A story of insanity and revenge with both Geraldine Chaplin and Anthony Perkins giving Academy Award caliber performances with the haunting music of the late Alberta Hunter on the soundtrack singing her very timely song, that's just right for the movie, "Remember my Name throughout the entire film "The Love I have for you".

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10 / 10

Ghosts and the Blues...

After carving out eccentric, obtuse molds for her personality while co-starring in Robert Altman's "Nashville" and Alan Rudolph's "Welcome to L.A.", Geraldine Chaplin finally earned a full-bodied (though still utterly eccentric) leading role in Rudolph's "Remember My Name", which was produced by Robert Altman. Chaplin plays an ex-convict and sociopath seeking a reunion with her former husband, a carpenter who has remarried and resides on the west coast; lacking interpersonal skills of any kind, she decides to get his attention by stalking he and his wife and breaking into their house. Intriguing, if unpleasant, modern-day melodrama with noir-ish overtures, made memorable by Chaplin's high-wire performance. Tough and unyielding, and possibly schizophrenic, Chaplin creates a portrait of a woman obsessed by the past, and wilting under the untouchable persona she has created for herself. The narrative goes a little batty in the final stretch, leading to a perplexing conclusion; however, the film's detached tone is very deliberate and assured--it creates a monotone ambiance which is hard to shake off. Director Rudolph, who also wrote the screenplay, seems to feel this material very deeply. It's a twisted and melancholy valentine. **1/2 from ****

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