Requiem for a Fighter

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April 2, 2019



Enn Reitel as Liam
Kim Kold as Commander Combat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by filmmadness-65357 10 / 10 / 10

Great watch

Watched this film with my partner last night, we both really enjoyed it, so different to anything we have seen before! Great twist in the storyline too! Well done team

Reviewed by kaarinamiles 10 / 10 / 10

Sometimes movies are like marmite - loved or hated.

Some of the critical reviews sound very harsh I guess this is a movie you either like or dislike, I liked it a lot and rated it so. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but from what I've been told getting any independent movie made and even more getting it distributed is a massive uphill struggle for film makers, so maybe criticism should be more constructive. I thought it was funny and Kim Kold has a great presence throughout and reminded me of his debut Teddy Bear.

Reviewed by popeyelover 10 / 10 / 10

F this film is sooo good

I was so turned on by this film - it is lushness, and OMG the muscles and boxing. I pray and hope another one is made, cause a sequel could be real cool man. Would be amaze balls if they did it out of Ireland though, because accents are a little irritating after a while. Kudos to team who pulled off this phunking film. I loves it. Probably like the best film I've seen this year. Acting top notch, and deserves Oscars.

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