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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sddavis63 2 / 10 / 10

It Lacks Credibility From The Start And Never Recovers

The first problem with this movie is its utter lack of believability. Alternative history can be very interesting, but to be interesting it has to be credible. This failed the credibility test right from the start. The opening caption said something like "After the failure of the D-Day invasion, Germany invaded England." What? Really? Certainly it's believable that the D-Day invasion could have failed. Even Eisenhower was afraid of that. But even if it had failed, could the Germans have invaded England? In 1944? Germany was losing on the Eastern Front. The Soviets were steadily advancing toward Germany's borders. The Germans wouldn't have been able to spare the resources necessary to successfully invade England in 1944. (I read one reviewer who suggested that in this timeline Germany had defeated the Soviet Union. Maybe - but I honestly don't remember that being stated in the movie.) If this had been set in 1940, when Germany was at peace with the Soviet Union and at the height of its power? If this had been a depiction of a successful "Operation Sea Lion"? Maybe. But not the scenario presented. That just didn't work for me. So, right from the start this movie had a huge credibility gap with me. It doesn't recover from that. There's an intriguing enough mystery. In a Welsh village (post German invasion of England) all the women wake up and discover that all the men are simply gone. Where did they go - and, more mysterious, how did they get away without anyone noticing. None of the women woke up when their men were getting out of bed? One presumes that they left to join the resistance - which the title implies - but who knows. It wasn't really the point of the story anyway. The point was the relationship between the women and the German occupiers of the village, because at some point a handful of German soldiers come wandering into the village. They're nice fellows, really. They help the women out with farm work and do some hunting of rabbits to provide them with food. They give up their uniforms and settle easily into life in the Welsh village. You'd hardly know there was a war going on. You see the swastika a couple of times - but there's nothing particularly ominous about it. Life pretty much goes on as it did before - with the German soldiers there instead of the men, although there's nothing "inappropriate" that happens between the Germans and the women. Yeah, a bit of a romance develops, but it's quite proper. The most dramatic moment of the movie is the accidental shooting of a horse by someone in the British resistance who I think meant to kill the woman who owned the horse, believing her to be a "collaborator." But in terms of any sustained drama - this was a real dud. It disappointed me. There's a lot of potential in the story of a fictional German occupation of a British village. But none of that potential showed itself here. And the constant flashbacks to pre- invasion (or at least pre-occupation) served no real purpose and accomplished little. If somebody wanted to make this kind of film then why not base it on real events, like the German occupation of Britain's Channel Islands? (2/10)

Reviewed by tsmordheim 5 / 10 / 10

Like "How I live now" for adults.

Film explores complex thematic elements, mostly with success, but it gets a bit confusing around the end. That the UK was never under legitimate threat from German invasion during WW2 is irrelevant. Themes of war explored transcend WWII and transcend the English setting. Themes such as partisan insurgency, war fatigue, cognative dissonance, and motivation to fight are important and rarely explored. Not an exciting film but compelling and mind opening.

Reviewed by accountkiller 5 / 10 / 10

SPOILER (Maybe?) - If you have no imagination don't watch this movie

The IMDb synopsis is weak and does NOT provide the slightest indication of what this movie is about. I think it's unfair to call this an actual spoiler, since anything anyone takes away from the movie is a simply their best guess. In a nutshell, British men leave a village overnight without leaving any indication as to why to the women they leave behind. German soldiers arrive and they hang out in the villager and help the women over the time they stay. The only resistance they meet is initially overcome by providing support for the women, then they all find out what's going on in the rest of the country and the movie ends - abruptly. This is a empty container of a movie with all the right parts, but unassembled, leaving me with more questions than answers. Many of the reviewers will say it's a movie for those with sophisticated senses, but NONE offer an iota of their speculation as to what was being portrayed...leaving me to think - hogwash - pure speculation. Let me also point out that a good deal of the movie is in German without subtitles and as such you miss a tremendous amount of dialog that otherwise might have shed some light on the intent of the German soldiers or their reactions to situations. Five minute scene in German, no explanations. It WAS a film without the dialogue or intent to nail down any particular message, other than people will try to make the best of a situation...until the situation changes. Spend your time as you will, but don't say you haven't been warned.

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