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Bill Oberst Jr. as Richard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by baserock_love 10 / 10 / 10

A horror junky who thought he had seen it all. Thank god for Resolution

For the incredibly stupid front page reviewer here (it's not even a review really, just whining with no substance by somebody who doesn't seem to like or recognize horror.), I'm not affiliated with the film in any way, feel free to look at my other reviews. I'm just a horror junky that thought he had seen every horror movie worth watching, and now that i've seen this, maybe I have. This movie is really creative. Without giving away too much it definitely broaches other themes that have been covered by other movies, it reminded me a bit of Inland Empire and 13B, in theme only, not content and while it's a somewhat familiar theme it goes in a very different direction with it. It's very well paced and does absolutely amazing jobs of foreshadowing and just piling on the atmosphere and dread so well that at one point I almost didn't want to see what was going to happen, the ending completely took me by surprise. It's clearly a zero budget indie movie but you would hardly know it to watch it, it's well shot and the cinematography is really good. My only issue is a script one, I thought the main characters dialog and decisions dealing with the crazy events of the film were oddly nonchalant and downright frustrating at times but then again it would have made the movie impossible if he had done what most sensible people would as a reaction to some of the events which is to call the cops lol. This is absolutely fantastic psychological horror. Bravo to the directors and everybody involved with this. I rarely gush like this in these reviews but there's a reason Resolution has gotten so much hype from horror specific movie sites. It's THAT good. Since there's no plot synopsis, i'll give a brief one. A man is invited by his ex best friend to his cabin out in the boonies. He knows his best friend is pretty much a rock bottom meth addict and he's rebuffed all his attempts prior to get him into rehab so he shows up with a stun gun and a pair of handcuffs, chains him to a pipe in the dilapidated shack he lives in and is going to stay with him while he detoxes. Strange people live around there and every day he feels he's being lead to strange things like records, books, journals and old film. Things get more weird from there.

Reviewed by nicktracy420 8 / 10 / 10

A movie that requires you to use your brain.

This isn't your typical horror/mystery. Very whacky movie, highly recommended if you don't jump into it expecting random scares and blood/gore. The 'unfinished plots' I am reading about in some of these reviews were meant to be possible paths for the characters / story line so you never really know which one is happening at any given time. Is it the weird french guy? The government? The salesman? Is it an ancient indian burial ground? Is it a ghost? Aliens? The drug dealers? The viewer (us) is the 'entity' and the characters are trying to appease us with an appropriate ending but they don't quite get that until the end to which one of them asks "Can we try it another way?". This is meant to be more of an explanation than a review, but regardless, if you are looking for something that makes you think "wtf" at the end, watch it. The two main actors have good chemistry and it all feels pretty real with a perfect mix of comedy and freaky ish going on. This could all be wrong but it's open to interpretation and it's the best theory I've seen.

Reviewed by re-animatresse 8 / 10 / 10

entertaining horror movie with a unique premise

i decided to check out this movie after i watched writer/director-duo Justin Benson's and Aaron Moorhead's Spring its strong points are the acting, especially by Vinny Curran, who's been featured in all three of Benson's and Moorhead's feature films to date and not much else. his character's mental illness and meth-addiction-and-induced psychosis are convincing enough that i have to wonder if he and/or Benson have experienced it firsthand. the dialogue and relationship between the two leads seem very natural and are the primary driving force of the film i found the story a bit difficult to follow towards the end, though, particularly with regard to the rationale behind the sober lead's decision-making and conclusions he draws from the occurring phenomenon, which itself is an interesting and unique premise. the shaky hand-held-camera style is a minor annoyance all in all, i like the film; i'd watch it again, but i like Spring better. i wouldn't recommend this for everyone, and it could be triggering for recovering addicts, so take care

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