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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yaronyogev 9 / 10 / 10

Awesome mountain biking and astounding nature images

With an amazing cast of some of the hottest names in mountain biking, the riding shots are nothing less than amazing. Locations from around the world such as Hawaii, British Columbia, Utah and Switzerland provide beautiful landscapes and variety of riding conditions, which are taken to the max by these superb riders. To tame it back a bit, so us normal mortals can relate to it, it also contains some parts with normal trail & bike park riding - only in such locations that few ever get to, such as Moab and Patagonia. The only thing that prevented this from being a perfect 10 is the repetitiveness - after 30 minutes I kind of got the idea, and perhaps some personal interviews with the riders could add the missing bit here. However, being an avid mountain biker, it was a delight to watch all the way to the end.

Reviewed by muamba_eats_toast / 10

Beautifully shot

An example of how keeping things simple can work well. I'm not really a bmx enthusiast although by the end of this I certainly wanted to try it. The locations filmed in were spectacular and the cinematography was sensational at times. Made me want to go see the world m for sure! Would have been nice if the shots were linked together a bit more and got to know the people a bit better although the credits scenes were a nice touch also. Certainly worth 45 minutes of your time!

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