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Reviewed by blanche-2 5 / 10 / 10

I could have died happy without seeing this

Kevin Costner stars with Anthony Quinn and Madeline Stowe in "Revenge," from 1990. Costner is Michael "Jay" Cochran, recently retired from the Navy, who goes on a vacation in Mexico. There, he visits an old friend, Tiburon Mendez (Quinn) - he had once flown him to Alaska on a hunting trip and the two remained friends. Cochran is unprepared for Tiburon's young beautiful wife Miryea (Stowe). It's not long before the two give in to their mutual attraction to one another. When Mendez learns of the affair, blood will be shed. This is a very bloody and violent movie, and I admit it's not my thing. I also found it stupid. First off, maybe the Costner character is dumb, but certainly Mendez' wife knows her husband is violent and possessive. He's also surrounded by all kinds of staff. So she has sex with another guy on the property? Then she says she's going on a trip for some reason when her husband will be traveling also. The plan is not to go on a trip but to run off for a tryst with Michael. A ten-year-old could have told her her husband is letting her hang herself. It gets mighty ugly. The person whose home I stayed at had already seen this film, liked it, and wanted me to see it. When I spotted Costner's dog, I was concerned and asked if anything happened to it. (For those queasy ones like myself, there is a website for this called Oh, he couldn't remember. Dog lovers - the dog gets shot. And believe me, the poor thing got off easy. Such a cheap plot point. A very good cast, but this movie is for macho men who like their women beautiful, their blood red, their violence graphic, and their guns at the ready. I'm not one of them.

Reviewed by lex-kat 8 / 10 / 10

The Ending...

If you haven't seen this, and you think you might want to, don't read this review. It's all about the ending. The story is, Cochran (Costner) falls in lust with Miryea (Stowe), Tibey's (Hopkins) much younger wife. They set up a secret tryst, but are found out. Cochran is beaten to near-death, and his dog killed. Miryea's face is slashed, and she is given to a whore house to be used as a cheap whore. That is the only Revenge in this movie, Tibey's. If you expect Cochran to get any revenge for Miryea, or maybe Miryea to extract some for herself... forget this movie. The only ones Cochran gets revenge upon are low-level thugs. When he gets to Tibey, he apologizes then leaves him to weep his fake tears or self-sorrow. I hate this movie. Kevin Costner owes me two hours of my life back, just for this movie, not to mention the time wasted on Waterworld, The Postman, and Wyatt Earp.

Reviewed by Hollywood_Yoda 8 / 10 / 10

Watch the Directors Cut

If you get the chance to see this film, make sure it's the directors cut. At a shorter running time, the story unfolds quicker, but it gets to the point, and makes for a better film. Tony Scott did a tremendous job directing, and the leading cast was great. Kevin Costner and Madeline Stowe make a great on screen couple. The directors cut does omit much of Anthony Quinn's performance, but what's left is amazing. Miguel Ferrer co- stars as Amador, who helps Costner's Cochran character get Revenge. James Gammon also makes an appearance as a Texan who helps along the way. Overall, it's an intense film, and a awkward love story. If you can stomach blood and gore, and like to see Kevin Costner, it's a movie for you.

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