Riot Girls

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September 23, 2019


Atticus Mitchell as Cracker
Jenny Raven as Caine
Madison Iseman as Lily O'Connor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brian_nadon 5 / 10 / 10

Perfect for preteens

The movie isn't that bad as some might think. I'd suggest letting your preteens watch the movie as they would enjoy it. It's perfect for your kids on a Friday night.

Reviewed by surfisfun 10 / 10 / 10

watchable low budget post apocalyptic thing from Ontario Canada

In general acting is ok. I seen lot worse. same with direction and script. sure, it can have been better wt time and money but this movie is just a past time popcorn one, not a deep representation of a real situation . also at this time of review, there is not a bunch of fake ones to try to boost it so kudo to producers and crew . I can see the 2 main actresses progress easily to more work and recognition.

Reviewed by johnnywiseau 10 / 10 / 10

Post-apocalypse run-and-gun 90's fun!

This film doesn't pretend to be some melodramatic Oscar-hunting art-house knows what it is: a fun, violent, action-packed teen apocalypse adventure. Director Jovanka Vuckovic's feature film debut is set in the early 90's, several years after all the adults died from a mysterious illness, and the town of Potter's Bluff has divided into the West Side and the East Side. The West has all the electricity and resources, but are forced to obey their rule of law under a forceful dictator and his preppy jock army. The East, on the other hand, are a bunch of scrappy punks who lack resources and structure, but seem to care more for one another. However, eventually this lack of resources catches up with the East Siders, as their leader Jack (Alexandre Bourgeois) is forced to kill and steal from the West Side in order to provide for his people. However, the West's dictator Jeremy (Munro Chambers) sends his mullet-sporting henchman Todd (Darren Eisnor) out to stop the robberies...which he does effectively, propelling us to the main chunk of the movie: Enter Nat (Madison Iseman), Jack's sister, and Scratch (Paloma Kwiatkowski), Nat's more-than-a-friend? These two East-Side girls are the main leads of the film, and do a fine job carrying the weight. The film doesn't hit us over the head with the fact they appear to be an LGBT couple, which is an interesting relief given today's over-politicized state of Hollywood. The girls enter the enemy territory of the West Side with their new friend Sony (Ajay Friese) in a brazen attempt to save their leader's life. Will they succeed? Who will live...who will die? Go watch the film if this sounds like something you'd be into!

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