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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dannyrest 1 / 10 / 10

Surprised there's no fake/paid high ratings yet!

What a sorry excuse for a movie. Not even bad enough to be good. Terrible acting, terrible script, starts off stupid and only gets dumber. Someone should have done some homework. Nothing is believable from the alcoholic idiot lead scientist to the moronic military characters. If the world ever had to rely on incompetent idiots like the scientists and military portrayed in this movie then we are all dead. This movie and the live filming set should have incinerated as per military protocol before it was released on innocent civilians.

Reviewed by degrees-33365 4 / 10 / 10


This was bad on so many fronts - acting, script and plot. It's kinda funny....scroll up to the cast list and you'll see top-billed 4-5 decent looking busty women in their 30's or so all cast as doctors and sergeants. Now, I'm not saying that that can't happen in real life - I'm just saying that in this movie it's bait. So, avoid it. Go do something else - like the dishes. It's more fun and rewarding than watching this mess.

Reviewed by hometuff 4 / 10 / 10

Descent, not great has / had potential

Story overall is good but it could have done with a rewrite to make it great. Slow in places and should have been about 30min. Shorter to tighten things up. Acting and dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. Sort of a take on a Zombie flick but altered. Definitely an Alien film. Overall I didn't get a great feel for this movie, the potential was there but it just fell flat. It did pose an interesting question though ---If an average Joe like you and me contacted Aliens and told them to come visit would we be charged with a crime if things do not go as expected. Sorta gets cheesier as the movie progresses and feels like a "Lifetime" movie so it gets a generous 4.9.

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