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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 4 / 10 / 10

Better lack next time..

The sun drenched days of summer turn dark and ominous for hitchhiking duo Jack and Véronique when they become inexplicably entangled with a mysterious married couple and a local road kill collector in rural France. Road Games started pretty good and for the most part although it was your typical slow paced horror film about killing and murder it was at least kinda enjoyable and the performances were okay but once that 3rd act came along and that dumb twist happened the movie completely lost me. Also there's a laughably bad scene where someone dies by an accident and it was pretty hilarious overall i didn't hated the fact that they were speaking way too much french but at times it did get pretty boring and mediocre but other than that it still doesn't change the fact that this film was just bad. (4/10)

Reviewed by jtindahouse 5 / 10 / 10

Good idea, poor execution

Admittedly I haven't seen a lot of French films, but those I have seen I've tended to love. In fact both 'Amour' and 'High Tension', despite being very different films, are both in my top 20 of all time. From what I can tell, the French make very patient films which are intended to be retrospectively thought-provoking and also tend to enjoy a good twist. All of which is on display here in 'Road Games'. There is a certainly a lot to consider and all was not as it seemed, however I'm not sure how useful actually analysing it is going to be, because I'm sure all of it made sense. So if we break the film down into thirds, the first two are very patient and mysterious. We haven't met a lot of characters and we are getting the distinct possibility we aren't going to meet many more along the way either. We have a love story of sorts going on, and we have a mystery element too, because we know (based on the very first shots of the films) that not every character is what they seem. Then something absolutely bizarre, random and inexplicable happens. And I don't just mean at the time, I mean even now, having finished the film, I'm not entirely sure why this event happened or what it was supposed to mean. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the film, but for those of you that have I'm pretty sure you will know what I'm talking about. It's at about this stage that the final third of the film begins and all hell breaks loose. Sadly, what should have been the strongest part of the movie, the part everything had been building up to, is the part that lets it all down. The concept is actually a novel one, I just don't think they did it quite right. A twist in a movie should almost physically hit you. You should feel it in a way. Here, I felt almost nothing. A quick, "Oh yeah, that's kind of cool" and that's it. Then the final scene, which had the potential for great dialogue and to leave the audience on a real high, wondering what will become of these people, is completely drowned out by the background music. You need subtitles for the English words in that scene because it is just inaudible. An incredibly disappointing way to finish the film. I think a stronger, more experienced film maker could have done a lot with this idea. Even as it is it's quite an enjoyable film at times. Sadly though, I can't see too many people being blown away by this one. A decent effort that comes up just short of the mark.

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 5 / 10 / 10

Off beat semi thriller that has a few surprises.

Jack is hitch hiking home to England in 'rural France' – more on that later. Along the way he encounters Veronique and they decide to hitch together. This is against the backdrop of a serial killer who – you guessed it – hunts hitch hikers – mwahh etc Then they encounter a strange older couple who have an old Rover 2000 but live in a fantastic château and their paths having crossed will have ramifications. That is when things get interesting. Now to say any more would be too much of a reveal. That said there is not a lot of substance to this film. The actors are all very good and manage to illicit empathy and conjure up a sense of foreboding as and when is necessary. The music is right too and I liked the locations – actually believing it was France, but some of the shots were done in Kent. This film has its fans and its detractors and its fans but despite the tension and the pacing it still felt a little on the slow side. I did however 'enjoy' it for the most part but appreciate why some have labelled it a 'B Movie', than again some films in that genre are excellent.

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