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Frank Finlay as Nino Rolfe
Robert Powell as Keller
Stanley Baker as Captain Langford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lampton 10 / 10 / 10

Classic Sixties caper movie.

Robbery is based upon the 1963 Great Train Robbery and is a far better account than 1988's "Buster". Stanley Baker and George Sewell take top honours in a brilliant crime film and one which is criminally underated.

Reviewed by Milan 10 / 10 / 10

Tightly done, no nonsense caper, Yates style

This movie is well made, with a typical trade mark approach by the crime picture craftsman Peter Yates was. There's no big bang, no unnecessary violence, just the pace that tells the story. This method Yates used successfully in his Hollywood years building up a plot without too much distraction from standard story fillers, which produced great films such as "Bullitt" and "The Friends of Eddie Coyle". In this one Yates gives the audience just enough to paint a picture of a big time robbery, with minimal character development but enough to serve the purpose. A must see for the fans of this classic director, not great but rather good crime movie that they don't make any more.

Reviewed by frankiehudson 10 / 10 / 10

Best British crime film ever...

This is true British gangster filming at its best. The opening robbery and car chase, from Hatton Garden around central London and out to Maida Vale, is utterly brilliant and that's years before the French Connection or anything like that. Peter Yates was brilliant. In fact, if they re-make any British gangster film these days it should be Robbery, not Get Carter or anything like that. The music is utterly brilliant, too. Johny Keating should be up there with the likes of John Barry, John Williams, etc. He seems to have done virtually nothing after this film. Even the faked scenes of the train robbery itself are great despite the London-Glasgow express train really being another train on a branch line travelling at about 30 mph. They could've made a sequeal to this, too, with the legendary and fantastic Stanley Baker shown in the New World. Same goes for the late Barry Foster.

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