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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by future_release 2 / 10 / 10

Fire whoever thought this was a good idea.

"Someone wants us to do a documentary about a legend that's circulating Hollywood but didn't get into exactly what the legend is......" We all should have given up at that point. I watched it so you don't have to:)

Reviewed by MikeHunt1075 4 / 10 / 10

As interesting as watching wood rot

The actors in this are god awful. Have they even acted before? From the opening scene it's like instant boredom of two actors with no personality of charisma talking to each other in slow motion. It just keeps getting worse with more and more boring dialog exchanged that is rather watch paint dry than watch their horrible performance with not one shred of realism to their conversations. It sounds scripted, and badly scripted at that. It's amazing the film quality and editing seems proffesional. But it's not enough to redeem anything about this monotone snorefest rip-off of the Blair Witch Project but set somewhere just outside the Hollywood hills. No good kill scenes either, nothing for gore fans, no creepy bits, no scary parts, and not one thing worthy of qouting. This movie offers absolutely nothing to anyone into this kind of genre and I wouldn't even recommend watching it for free even just once. Its flow is slow, the few characters have no charisma, the diolog is not natural, and its just a god awful movie.

Reviewed by nancyjowade 4 / 10 / 10

Makes Blair Witch look like a 9 x Oscar Winner

Fair does, Blair Witch in its day was ground breaking, in 1999 found footage was a relatively new concept and was even refreshing however if you don't want to end up watching a screaming chick running around the woods all snot and tears again then this is not for you. I was enticed into watching by the rating and have to wonder if it's folk merely scoring up for kicks, I watch horror most days of my life and it's getting harder and harder to find things that scare this is not one of them. It's only saving grace is the plot twist towards the end, however the acting of all bar the main three characters ruins even that. I recommend you don't waste your money

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