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Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

Very average and extremely hilarious Ravioli Western by the horror master , Mario Bava

Silly and funny Western about two drifters carry out several adventures , saloon brawls and resolve conflicts among nasty robbers that want to take a treasure . This is a serviceable comic spaghetti western which doesn't take itself too seriously . This good natured comic spaghetti packs diverting elements , tongue-in-cheek , thrills , shootouts , fighting , explosions , and results to be quite entertaining but middling . It is set California, the 1870s . Roy Colt (Brett Halsey) and Winchester Jack (Charles Southwood) are outlaws and although they are good friends , they cannot get along peacefully . Meantime , a beautiful Indian (Marilú Tolo) helps both drifters and plays both sides against each other . They take on a sadistic priest-turned-crime boss , nicknamed The Reverend (Teodoro Corrà) , and his hoodlums , who attempt to rob a valuable treasure . Roy then decides that he has enough of being an outlaw and leaves the bunch in search of a good , honest job as a sheriff in nearby Carson City . Roy , Winchester and his cohorts foil the planned robbery to keep the treasure for themselves . Our two not so upright heroes rob the robbers but, needless to say, get distracted by the gorgeous Indian girl . Comical Spaghetti Western about a simple and plain plot , as two outlaws compete with each other over a treasure map , being realized in Terence Hill/Bud Spencer style and considered to be rip-off of the Trinidad and Bambino westerns . The film is plenty of fistfight between Brett Halsey and Charles Southwood over who will take the treasure and who will become sole leader of their band . This is a slightly funny film with entertaining as well as bewildering events , giggles , craziness , twists and lots and fun . In ¨Roy Colt and Winchester Jack¨ there are pursuits , stagecoach attacks , crossfire , saloon brawls , cutthroats gunslingers and many others things . This bemusing movie is packed with tongue-in-cheek , slapstick , a steady stream of gags , lively situations abound , sheer belly laughs , crazy humor , too much fun and to be perfect for youngsters . It's a middle-budget film with ordinary actors , technicians , decent production values and poor results . There is plenty of action in the movie , guaranteeing some fights , shoot'em up or stunts every few minutes . Mediocre Western All'Italiana made in laughable style with a screenplay written by Mario Di Nardo , including amusing dialogue , silly situations , plot twists and turns . Filmmaker Mario Bava often uses disconcerting and surrealist situations to give us a passable movie plenty of funny happenings as well as absurd incidents ; and that , at least , kept me entertained for the almost half an hour of duration . The cast and support cast are passable . As sympathetic acting by starring trio : Brett Halsey , Charles Southwood and Marilù Tolo as a young Native American woman . Furthermore , there appears ordinary secondaries of Spaghetti Western , such as : Guido Lollobrigida or Lee Burton , Bruno Corazzari , Federico Boido or Rick Boyd and Franco Pesce , among others . Roy Colt and Winchester Jack was regularly directed by Mario Bava . This was one of the films on which Mario Bava's son, Lamberto Bava , began his career as his father's assistant ; Lamberto would latter become a director himself , winning a successful career . Mario was the main creator of Italian ¨Giallo¨ genre , Bava ("Blood and Black Lace", ¨House of exorcism¨ , Black Sabbath¨) along with Riccardo Freda (¨Secret of Dr. Hitchcock¨ , ¨Il Vampiri¨) are the fundamental representatives . In fact , both of whom collaborated deeply among them , as Bava finished two Fedra's films ¨Il Vampiri¨ and ¨Caltiki¨ . These Giallo movies are characterized by overblown use of color in shining red blood , usual zooms and utilization of images-shock . Bava directed all kinds of genres such as , Sci-Fi : ¨Planet of Vampires¨ , Peplum : "Hercules in the Center of the Earth" , ¨Battle of Marathon¨ , Historical : "Erik the Conqueror" , "Viking Massacre" and Western : "The Road to Fort Alamo" , ¨Ringo from Nebraska" and this ¨Roy Colt and Winchester Jack¨.

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 6 / 10 / 10

Roy Colt And Winchester Jack (Mario Bava, 1970) **

While this comic Spaghetti Western was nowhere near as bad as its low reputation amidst the director’s canon would seem to suggest, it can’t possibly hold a candle to Sergio Leone’s classic THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (1966) – and it would be puerile for anyone to attempt comparisons of this sort! It’s the last of Bava’s three such genre efforts but, actually, the first I’ve watched; I used to think that he was constrained within the number of relatively low-brow peplums he made, but even those showed greater commitment – and vigor during the action sequences. Here we get plenty of brawling and shooting, to be sure, but the handling throughout is decidedly sloppy…as if Bava, rather than be inspired by these traditionally ‘big’ moments, wanted to get such genre requirements out of the way! That said, despite utilizing a wide variety of locations in its plot about two rival outlaw gangs’ quest for gold, these don’t seem to have stimulated the director’s trademark compositional skills; even worse, the comedy element comes across as heavy-handed most of the time, resulting in a flat and drawn-out film (even if it runs for a mere 85 minutes)! Brett Halsey (from Bava’s FOUR TIMES THAT NIGHT [1969]) and Charles Southwood don’t exactly generate fireworks in the title roles and, in fact, the best in the cast are Marilu' Tolo as Winchester’s spirited (and shrewd) Indian girl and Teodoro Corra' as The Reverend, the atypically buffoonish baddie – a Russian émigré who still can’t get over the cold of his native land. Isa Miranda (who would work again with Bava when he treaded more familiar ground in BAY OF BLOOD [1971]) appears as the brothel Madame in what is perhaps the most slapsticky and forced set-piece in the entire film. Hardly memorable in itself, there are still a few mild highlights in this reasonably agreeable, innocuous yet patchy genre offering: the spastic gunman at the beginning, the obviously fake snake which menaces Winchester (reminiscent of the one in Fritz Lang’s THE Indian TOMB [1959]), the exploding villain, and the final shot with the heroes’ feet up in the air as they engage in yet another fisticuff. Piero Umiliani’s lively score certainly contributes to the film’s characteristically light touch.

Reviewed by django-1 6 / 10 / 10

OK lowbrow Eurowestern comedy with Brett Halsey

Now that this is available in a beautiful letterboxed, subtitled DVD, ROY COLT AND WINCHESTER JACK can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to see it. Is it worth seeing? Well...what you have is basically a lowbrow Eurowestern comedy that belongs on the same shelf with STING OF THE WEST and IT CAN BE DONE AMIGO. The various supporting players are colorful, and there are two strong American leads in the charismatic Brett Halsey and the engaging Charles Southwood. Though hidden under a lot of makeup, Marilu Tolo is as sexy as ever. I've never found Italian western comedies to be that worthwhile (or western comedies in general, BLAZING SADDLES excepted)--for me, most of the best qualities of westerns are lost when they are played for laughs. There are a number of laughs in this film--Halsey and Southwood both play comedy well--but the viewer should be warned that the laughs are on a Bowery Boys/Police Academy-level. I like that kind of comedy, but you may not. The reason this film was reissued is that it was directed by Mario Bava; however, had I seen the film without knowing that, I would never have guessed. Bava scholars can no doubt find similarities, but I would not consider his direction a major element here (see my review of RINGO DEL NEBRASKA, one of Bava's two other westerns). Overall, this is an enjoyable Eurowestern comedy, with excellent and creative production design (now THERE is a Bava quality!) and good performances, but I don't really consider it essential, only for the serious Eurowestern fan or the Brett Halsey fan (of which I'm one).

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