Ruby Herring Mysteries: Silent Witness

Mystery / TV Movie

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Anna Galvin as Ellie Bluth
Jaime M. Callica as Brian Rawley
Stephen Huszar as Harrison Brock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by easheehan 5 / 10 / 10

Hallmark casting needs a rehab

I generally like Taylor Cole in her Hallmark movies (and still do), but while this movie at least had some chemistry between Cole and Stephen Huszar other casting was way off. -Debra Donohue and Shawn Christian: such a mismatch. In their first scene together, I was trying to figure out were they married? Was she the grandmother? What is going on here? Shawn Christian is barely old enough to be Taylor Cole's father (and looks even younger), but Ms. Donohue was wildly miscast. I think even the film editors noticed this, because these two were rarely in a scene together after that opener. Prediction: if there is another Ruby Herring, the mom will either be recast or she will be absent (died or away on a trip). -The sister: out of all of the actresses at work in the U.S. and Canada why couldn't they find someone who at least looked like "Ruby Herring"/Taylor Cole? Also, someone who had stronger acting chops. I agree with another commenter that Hallmark is rushing stuff and putting out poor quality. There's a place for these kind of movies (as seen by the ratings popularity), but have some pride in your product, Hallmark. You're damaging your brand.

Reviewed by momdzt 1 / 10 / 10

Quite Awful

I love Andrea Canning if she is the same one on TV, but Andrea- call me. I can help you with the dialogue. Most Hallmark mysteries are trite, but this one hits a new low. And I mistook the actor who plays the father ( Ruby looks older than he) for the "love interest" many times. Ruby seems smug and self-assured with everyone but the detective/ love interest, with whom she crumbles into insecurity and self- doubt. Ugh. This was painful to watch.

Reviewed by larrylbryant 1 / 10 / 10

How Not to Make a Hallmark Mystery

My wife and I are big fans of most every other Hallmark mystery show and have been looking forward with anticipation to the new ones being premiered this month. What a huge disappointment this one was. We were able to stick with it for maybe 45 minutes but became so painful to watch that we fast-forwarded to the end to see who did it without having to watch the rest of the mess. Where to begin. Painfully formulaic plot with nothing new to offer. Cardboard characters. Surprisingly poor phoned-in performances from lead actors who are usually much better. No real 'rhythm' to the whole thing, just kinda floats along with little real suspense or drama. This whole disaster is as flat as a pancake. And what was up with the weird hotel host/concierge/desk guy, who we agreed was the worst actor we've ever seen in a Hallmark production, yet he seemed to be kind of 'featured' and kept being given useless lines/scenes that did nothing to advance the story and could've easily been handled by others who actually had some acting ability. Extremely annoying. Please Hallmark, do NOT waste your money making this useless pilot into a series. One good thing about it, though--it's bound to make the other mystery premieres to come look muuuuuch better by comparison!

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