Ruby & Quentin


Comedy / Crime

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André Dussollier as Philippe Rénier
Gérard Depardieu as David Martinaud
Jean Reno as Milo Malakian
Leonor Varela as Katia / Sandra
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scrider4292 8 / 10 / 10

Laugh, laugh, laugh

Well this movie is one of the greatest comedies I've ever seen. If the movie lasts 1h 20 min you'll laugh maybe 1h 20min. Gerard Depardieu and Jean Reno's (perhaps the two greatest French actors) performances are amazing. They play the part of a fool (Gerard Depardieu) and an intelligent murderer (Jean Reno). The story is also good, not too silly and not too serious. The movie isn't very long which is great too (you know comedies mustn't be too long).I strongly recommend this film for people of all ages (I'm 13 years old, i saw it with my mom and she thought the movie was great too). I had seen some French films before and they were good, I'm starting to like French films and this is not the exception.

Reviewed by tomlevi 9 / 10 / 10

Francis Veber has done it again!

I have just returned from the cinema with a burst of energy! Without doubt, this is THE funniest movie that I have ever seen in my it in French or English. Francis Veber has produced a film that not only equals his earlier works, Le Placard (The Closet - 2001) and Le Diner de Cons (The Dinner Game - 1998), but surpasses them by miles. The entire cinema was rocking with laughter. And without spoiling the comedy by disclosing some hillarious punchlines, I recommend this film to all cinema-goers, be they French- or English-speakers. Do yourself a favour... GO AND SEE IT! 10/10.

Reviewed by casrob 9 / 10 / 10

Another Master piece of laugh from Francis Veber

Francis Veber has been known for his ability to construct extremely entertaining films. Most of his films are built in the same way, very classical. This mix includes 2 main characters, who basically shouldn't have anything to do with each other but who due to circumstances get together. Then you add a couple of truculent second roles and a series of inevitable clashes between those two. This structure was used among others in "La Chèvre (The Goat) 1981", starring Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu. An interesting point about Depardieu is that while he played the tough guy in The Goat, he got the opposite role, the stupid, nice guy in "Tais-toi (Ruby & Quentin)". Needless to say he is evenly amazing in both, even more as the stupid character where he brings such a pure, simple sense of humanity that you can't feel sympathy for him. Both films deserves their place in an anthology of french humour. Francis Veber likes those -a little bit simple- guys because they offer a lot of potential for comic situations. And while you laugh at these naive character, it's never aimed to make fool of them. Their humanity always eventually prevail and even the tough guy, the one who just wanted to get rid of them at the beginning of the film, finally likes them. In their simplicity, they saw or did things a tough guy would never do, but in a certain unlikely way, they helped. So Tais-toi is a skillfully crafted piece of pure enjoyment, I would even say a master work in the comedy category. No dead moments, every single line of the script is there for a single purpose: to entertain us without appealing to our worst instincts. On the contrary.

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