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Russell Peters as Det. Elliot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by contact-282 3 / 10 / 10

Local comedy club open mic night level

Only got through 1/2 of it barely... reviewing what I saw. No ethnic jokes - the only reason I'd watch RP. Where did the accents go? All the situational humor is clearly made into blown out of proportion unbelievable drama. Talking for 15 minutes about hiding his from a doctor, really, what are you, 14? Regurgitating the same fat jokes we've heard from every other comedian and swinging microphone joke that's as old as comedy itself, for another 15? Reminiscing on an adult conversations of when he was 7, verbatim? Really, that good of a memory? That kind of "humor" I get from my humorless co-workers any day of the week, I expect more from a world class comedian. The material in this one is your local Comedy Club open mic level. Shame.

Reviewed by joel_maths 1 / 10 / 10

It's really sad to see the decline

When he makes a GEICO joke in front of an Indian audience, you know he didn't prepare for this at all. I barely made it halfway through the show. It's sad to see him being a pale shadow of his former glorious self. Race-based humor needs to evolve with the times, and sadly Russell hasn't evolved at all.

Reviewed by TheLovelyBoner 1 / 10 / 10


This show was appalling. You can tell the audience came for Indian jokes and got sandbagged with terrible humor for the show. The audience was barely laughing and the show is disturbing to listen to with an audience of all confused Indians wondering when the Indian jokes are coming overlaid over a laugh track of white audience. The jokes weren't funny and the audience interactions were borderline humorless insults. You could tell nobody was having fun. Russell needs to come up with some more Indian jokes or hang it up as a comedian. His try at non auto ethnic humor is terrible. Oh and he quit cruising for 30 seconds his constant barrage of F words does nothing to add to the humor and only seems to contribute to the cringe factor every time there is an utterance.

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