Ryan's Daughter


Drama / Romance

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Christopher Jones as Major Doryan
Robert Mitchum as Mickey Halligan
Sarah Miles as Dr. Marion Stowe
Trevor Howard as Captain Peter Churchill / Raoul
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raymond-15 8 / 10 / 10

An outstanding piece of cinema

David Lean's production of "Ryan's Daughter"is an outstanding piece of cinematic artistry. It's a romantic drama set in a small village on the Irish coastline. The mood of the villagers is as changeable as the waves that crash upon the shore. David Lean uses the sea for dramatic effect as he alternates between the village people and the sea itself. John Mills as Michael the inquisitive village idiot is superb as we watch him play with a box of explosives. Sarah Miles plays Rosy torn between the love for her Irish schoolteacher husband (Robert Mitchum) and an unbridled passion for a newly arrived British officer (Christopher Jones). Village gossip virtually destroys Rosy's life. Trevor Howard as the local much-respected priest gives a compelling performance as one who tries to keep the peace in a troubled village. The shell-shocked officer with dreadful memories of his time in the trenches in France has a distinct presence on screen. His part requires little dialogue, the emotions being portrayed through eye and body language. Some of the loveliest scenes I thought were those of the high cliffs and broad beaches where Rosy often walked alone with the incoming tide.Unfortunately footprints in the sand can reveal the most intimate secrets! The wild storm in which the locals attempt to salvage boxes of ammunition from a shipwreck in raging seas is one of the most realistic and exciting sequences I have seen. We are reminded constantly in the film that the sea is the dominant player. Photography, sound effects and music blend into a perfect whole. In one word...a winner!

Reviewed by Pedro_H 7 / 10 / 10

Long, sweeping and underrated - but easy to see why many don't like it.

In 1918 Ireland a school teacher's wife and an army captain have an illicit affair that has far reaching consequences. The film that cast Robert Mitchum so against type as to be untrue (a cuckold husband!) and whose critical response drove a great director to near two decades of silence has to be viewed; if only as cinema history. This is a small film blown up to try and be an epic, which it is not and that is the first of its faults. Nevertheless I think it is an important and enjoyable product that I have seen twice, once for the film and once to re-live the unbelievable cinematography and action scenes. The lifeboat scene is one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever, it should feature in film schools. The problem with adultery is that directors always try and limit blame because they fear alienating the audience. Here we have no reason for it other than lust and selfishness, one person's happiness (if only brief) is only achieved by taking someone else's. I have long held the view that Mitchum was underrated as an actor and has a wonderful speaking voice. I am glad he has this on his C.V, not that he will be need it anymore. Miles is equally good, although it is not as hard as hard a part to play. John Mills - as the village idiot - won an Oscar for his over-the-top performance that he reports upon faithfully on his autobiography. "They sat me down and gave me the worst haircut they could think of..." It has been said so many before, but there is no real need for a film with modest intentions to be so long. I actually don't mind because I have a lot of patience with quality material and know there will be some great scenes in any David Lean film. I am just sorry that the main man had such a fragile ego; especially when the industry had rewarded him with so much silverware.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10 / 10

Mr. Ryan You've Got a Lovely Daughter

Playing the title role in Ryan's Daughter is the beautiful, lusty, and spirited Sarah Miles who craves romance and a little bit of orgasm on the side. Unfortunately who she gets it from ain't her new husband, Robert Mitchum, the village school teacher on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland where the film is located and was shot. Miles is a young girl with romantic notions and brought up in a strict Catholic environment where decent young ladies don't speak of such things. When the middle aged Mitchum proves to be a dud in the sack, Sarah's sure there's more out there than this in marriage. Sad to say she finds it in the person of a British major posted to Ireland after suffering shell shock in France during World War I. As we all know while talk of sex is forbidden, talk of politics abounds, a little too much talk. Ireland is getting ready for revolution and the Germans would like to help it along. When Irish Republican commandant Barry Foster is betrayed when trying to land a shipment of German weapons for the Irish rebels, he's captured and taken along with a lot of the men from the village. They will all be hung and Sarah's looking real good for the role of informer. Ryan's Daughter is a good film though it hardly compares with other David Lean masterpieces like Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, or The Bridge On the River Kwai. I'm not sure Lean knew exactly what he was trying to say in all this. Yet Lean got some noteworthy performances from this film, including an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for John Mills playing the village idiot. Quite a change for that most erudite of players. Miles was sexy and at the same time conveyed a nice picture of romantic naiveté. The film as the title suggests is really about her and she centers the action well. Robert Mitchum was also the recipient of offbeat casting, but I'm guessing that David Lean knew about Mitchum's uncanny ability to pick up all manner of speech. But he does show quite some depth as actor playing the middle-aged school teacher. It's not a performance you'd expect from one of Hollywood's sex symbols. I think the most interesting part and least written about is that of Trevor Howard as the village priest. That's not a profession held in respect in many quarters these days and certainly Sarah Miles seeking advice on matters sexual from Howard does show how ludicrous that is. Yet Howard is not a fool, he is every bit the moral leader of the community. He stands up for Sarah when most of the town wants to do her harm. His role is also historically correct in showing that during the years before the Easter Rebellion the Catholic Church had dropped its historic opposition to rebellion to one of at least benevolent neutrality. Howard's role with the rebels is quite accurate. Though it's message is unclear, Ryan's Daughter is a beautifully photographed film with some outstanding performances and belongs in the second tier of David Lean's work.

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