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Jean Dujardin as Richard Malinowski
Mark Camacho as Grimmer's Dad, Limping Lars
Michaël Youn as Ferouz
Omar Sy as Knock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tofrim 9 / 10 / 10

Found it on Netflix

Never heard of it, just put it on cause we couldn't find anything else. It looked like an old movie until we put it on and the animation was really good. The story unfolds a bit slow, but entertaining. Well worth our time. Both me, my gf and our daughter (7 years old) loved it. I see it gets low review scores here, which is odd, cause it was much better than many of the best animated films this year. So I'm wondering..why haven't anyone heard of this movie? Whoever tried to promote this movie did a horrible job. Shame on you. It's sad to see only the big animated movies win. If I ever saw a trailer of this movie, I can't remember it. There are many funny characters here too. Really well animated etc. Still, even in the pictures section here on IMDb it's really lacking content. Really strange! A good movie, but something went really wrong when this came out. Hope those somebody can learn from it and make more movies. It's also probably. One of the first movies that make "the evil" creatures like snakes and scorpions into heroes. That concept would easily look stupid, but this works.

Reviewed by vstergios 8 / 10 / 10

Proved better than ratings suggest!

Found this animation by accident and decided to do a little background check on IMDb. Ratings were pretty low but as with most animated films that come to my attention I decided to give it a try and find out by my self. What I discovered was a classic lower class boy loves and rescues high class girl story, injected with some anti-racist and anti-drug messages, even a subtle but apparent criticism on current political events. Overall I'd go for entertaining with some interesting pointers and blame the low ratings mostly on lack of proper advertisement (practically none... ). On a final note, those of you inclined to poke the truth out of a pile of words, do take a closer look at those really negative comments and the country they're originating from. Sad to see people prefer walls over peaceful coexistence...

Reviewed by belzncube 8 / 10 / 10

Funny Netflix movie

A really funny movie, that I stumbled upon on Netflix. This is a funny animation with great characters. It is a shame that it does not seem to have hit the big screens or have great reviews, however I believe this animation movie is better than some animations that have received great reviews. If you want to relax and have a laugh this is the movie to watch.

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