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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cmovies-99674 8 / 10 / 10

I have seen this film many times on multiple occasions and it never seems to disappoint.

PROS: This movie really is captivating to say the least. You're always on the edge of your seat, whether you are intrigued with the characters, or the action scenes. There is a little bit for everybody. The build up in the movie was great as well, from begging to end this movie never lets go of that tension it has built up. What also really helped this movie was the lack of plot holes. With a blockbuster hit like SALT, the director normally has no problems leaving big plot holes in the script, but this film doesn't do that. This movie was thought out immaculately. Last but not least, lets also give a shout out to Angelina Jolie (SALT) for giving her best performance in years. Any movie critic can give her credit for her Oscar winning performance. CONS: There are very little cons to this movie. The only thing that could have been more realized is the resolution. Was the ending good, yes, but it also needed more clarity. It didn't really help the watcher nor did it help connect to the rest of the film.

Reviewed by ttc-18626 8 / 10 / 10

Really action packed movie!

I'm confused about all of the bad reviews. I think people forget that it's an action film and not a documentary.there are bound to be unrealistic moments but if you were thinking you'd learn your Russian/American history from this movie you're going to be very disappointed. I thoroughly enjoy this movie every time I watch it and hate that there probably won't be a second movie. Angelina is bad ass,there are a lot of plot twists and it all ties in together in the end...and there are ,of course,conspiracies within the government.what's not to love?

Reviewed by MarkusOctavius 8 / 10 / 10

Good action, good story. Bad image of Russians.

Just watched the BlueRay of this movie and I really liked it. Good action, exceptional acting, good story. Not a mind blowing, but still interesting. I've also listened to the director's commentary for the movie where he said that the Russian people had a negative reaction after watching this movie. In particular, that they were offended of the way Russians are shown in the movie. Well, I hope the director reads the reviews on this website and I would like to make a tiny remark. He completely missed the point of why they were offended. It was not due to the fact that Russian government had (or has) spies in the US, but due to the image he gave to the Russians in his film. 1. Russians don't address each other as "comrade". Never did. 2. Russians don't drink vodka on every other occasion. And certainly don't carry a bottle on their person just in case. In fact, Russians drink more beer than vodka. 3. Russians don't kiss each other as a form of greeting. Only if they are very good friends (or would like to seem so) or relatives and either both girls, or of opposite sex. Russian men never kiss each other, even if they are best friends or relatives. Male relatives kissing is much more common in Europe and even US, than in Russia. 4. The Russian spies that were caught in the US last year were not observing the life of US. Any simple person can do that without being a spy. For example, I often talk to my relatives in Russia and tell them how I live in the US and how life in the US is in general. Of course, I don't tell or know any secrets; THAT is the spy's job. Also, just a side note to others, who might only know about Russia by films such as this one: Russian people don't dream of attacking US (or any other country for that matter). They have problems of their own. So please, stop exploiting these beaten-to-death stereotypes in the movies. Otherwise, the cold war will never really end. Other than that -- great movie. Enjoyed it very much. Just to clarify: I am Russian and lived in Russia for 26 years.

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