Santa Jaws

Action / Fantasy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MyFriendsCallMeDirt 8 / 10 / 10

The new gold standard in Christmas Shark movies

"Santa Jaws" sounds preposterous, and it is. But it's also exactly what it needs to be. The director (Misty Talley) was able to keep this together pretty well instead of sending it straight off the rails, and managed to include the appropriate camp-to-family ratio that makes Christmas movies work. The script was creative. Some of the casting was excellent (Ritchie Montgomery, Haviland Stillwell, Hawn Tran all did great character work here). The result was a movie that is every bit as family-friendly as "The Meg" aspired to be without losing any of the qualities that make the best of the Sy-Fy shark movies work. Yes, it's still a "bad shark movie". It's as ludicrous as the title suggests, but it still managed to be a really good, really fun "bad shark movie". 7.5/10. Bravo!

Reviewed by MikeHope44 9 / 10 / 10

One of the better of SYFY's Shark films.

The concept of the film makes it obvious it shouldn't be taken seriously and once that is realized it's actually a fun entertaining film. The acting was pretty good from everyone and the film's lead Reid Miller (Play by Play, A Girl Named Jo) carries the film nicely. The emotional moments of the film came off as genuine and there's definitely some laugh out loud moments. I actually wouldn't mind a sequel to it (as long as it doesn't go on too long like the Sharknado films) and i'll definitely be adding it to my playlist of Christmas movies this year as well. If you like cheesy but entertaining movies definitely check this one out!

Reviewed by sscialli 9 / 10 / 10

A Campy Delight!

It's a fun campy movie that too many people take too serious! If you watch it for the fun that it is, you will enjoy it as the characters are stereotypical of what you expect as well as being well directed. I look to more movies by this intriguing director, Misty Talley.

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