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Bea Santos as Eve
Bobbie Phillips as Dr. Anne Williams
Jessica Cameron as Contestant 103
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikeledo 6 / 10 / 10

I Had A Life

Five women who make indie horror films travel from one film festival to a festival in LA. In spite of the success, directer Crystal Lacroix (Tristan Risk) is unhappy. In LA her film is being shown at 11 PM being bumped from prime time by one of the "ankle bites" who shot their feature on a cell phone camera. En route to where they are going, they make a pit stop and Crystal disappears from the group. Eventually they all end up at a remote home as captives being experimented upon by the German speaking occupants. It wasn't hard to figure out what they were doing before it was revealed. The only question is "the final girl (s)" as all these captive films normally end up the same way. This film was okay in a crowded genre. It attempts to distinguish itself by mentioning the MK Ultra experiments and comparing it to Mengele style stuff in one quick line.

Reviewed by eprusulis 8 / 10 / 10

This movie started off great

This movie started off great it could have been easily and eight or a nine but then the second half of the movie where they were just making the girls make terrible decision after terrible decision and just dumb decisions turn the movie until like a five too many stupid decisions to count

Reviewed by Harry-5-511121 8 / 10 / 10

Fun Flick

If you didn't like this movie why did you spend 91 mins Watching it? This is a Fun little Movie! I'm not one to drag on with a bunch of Hyperbole like a WHOLE LOT of these "Couch Critics" I'll just tell you if I like it or not and why! Simple, easy to the point! If your a Horror Buff give this one a Whirl! Pretty cool Ride!!!!

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