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Konstantin Khabenskiy as Andrey Pavlovich Sokolov
Patrick Page as Elza
Will Chase as Anga
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by john-cojocaru 2 / 10 / 10

it is a mess

Come on... it is a mess. Without any sense, no story-line, too much of everything... What is good for me in this animation is music - that's all. I think 5 is too much for such a non professional work. And it is not about that it is done by Russians - it as all about screenplay - bad. I saw this animation till the end to understand what is all about and if it is possible to show it to my 4 years kid - no way... Not very bad graphics with very bad story. And that's not counting the borrowings - in the beginning the monster comes into the hut - Brotherhood of the Wolf, the monkeys - The Jungle Book, hyenas - The Lion King. Characters looks like they came from the pen of the Japan-China animators. This eared Pokemon looks very strange? Shaman and knight from Ronal Barbaren was the cherry on the pie...

Reviewed by andreacarr 10 / 10 / 10

a good film

My daughter age 7 likes this movie very much. she is wondering why so many bad reviews!'It's funny but the hyenas are a bit strange.' she says.The hyenas don't look like hyenas..they are very colorful and they don't really have laughs.Some of the characters are a little bit scary but not bad enough to give you nightmares. She wonders what happens to some of the characters at the end as the film only tells you what happened to the boy. She would watch it again if she didn't have anything else to watch. She also wonders why there are a few characters with long ears. She thinks the movie is as good as any Pixar or Disney animation film. She hopes some more kids will give the movie better reviews and more stars!

Reviewed by szefu3 10 / 10 / 10

Why the notes are so low?! I loved this movie!

Seriously? I don't get why the movie gets such low notes? Because it's not silly? Because it doesn't have hundreds of millions dollars budget for it, like Disney movies? It doesn't mean it's bad! I loved the movie. Of course it's a simple movie. Because it's an animated movie. But it's a wonderful, smart, adorable, touching and very funny movie! It's so much better than other silly movies like farting peanuts... This movie is really smart and informative. There are really funny scenes and jokes, and the characters are great! I enjoyed this movie so much, I was smiling and laughing like I haven't been for long! I recommend it to everyone. Not only to the kids. I'm 23 y/o and I loved this movie :) Go and watch it!

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