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AnnaLynne McCord as Heather
Sadie Katz as Megan
Viva Bianca as Jennifer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kat Webb 10 / 10 / 10

McCord's best movie

AnneLynne does a great job at playing the twisted psychologically deranged girl in whatever movie she appears in and this movie is no exception. One minute she's all the sweet and flirty southern girl stereotype the next minute she's a deranged killer, a woman scorned. There was nothing really bad I can say about this movie and the people who don't like it are probably male and don't like it because it has such a strong female lead. Notice how all the reviewers who are writing this off as a comedy are male. Women have feelings. As a horror movie fan I felt like Sadie was a character and found myself cheering for her at some points. The victims were just typical selfish middle class people. I didn't feel sorry for them at all. One scene that was probably way over the top was the puppy in the microwave scene. Like Sadie said herself it was hardly his fault all this had happened.

Reviewed by phd_travel 4 / 10 / 10


This little Misery update (2 victims instead of 1) could have been better done. Firstly launching straight into the misery stage wasn't right. It would have been better to build things up from the normal then show how things disintegrate. Instead there is too much of the "torture" and it loses impact after a while. What's more shocking than all the "torture" is what happened to Billy Zane. Why did he let himself go like Val Kilmer? Annalynne McCord does as well as she could have with this material. The friend looked a bit bored. There is a little twist at the end but it feels a bit lame. Overall it feels a bit tiresome and not worth the effort.

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 4 / 10 / 10

Scorned but not forgiving

****SPOILERS**** A movie about brutal ravage as well as manipulation by this psycho Sadie, AnnaLynne McCord,whom her cheating boyfriend Kevin played by Billy Zane, sporting a Marlon Brando like " Apocalypse Now" style haircut, whom she discovers through his twitter account is planning to dump her for her best friend Jennifer, Viva Bianca. Not being that wrapped tight to begin with, Sadie spent the last 10 years in mental hospital for drowning her kid sister, Sadie now plans to get even with Kevin & Jennifer in the most brutal and sadistic way imaginable! With Kevin inviting Sadie to spend the night with him at his country estate, he seems to be very well taken care of financially, he then plans to lays the news on her about leaving her for Jennifer as smoothly as possible. Not knowing what Sadie knows and plans for him as well as his new found girlfriend, Sadie's best friend, Jennifer Kevin is taken by complete surprise in getting stoned and finding himself tied up in bed and totally helpless. Things get really hot when Jennifer shows up thinking she'll leave for Europe with that gorgeous hunk of a man, all 280 pounds of him, Kevin who also ends up being held hostage and tortured by Sadie. It' s then that things get real hairy with Sadie literally putting the screws on the two lovebirds and getting a real kick out of it. ***SPOILERS*** As vicious and brutal as Sadie is she's also extremely lucky as well. During the entire movie no one excepts her victims has a clue to what she's up to and what she's doing. She escapes by the skin of her teeth in being caught by the police when stopped by them to see if she's harboring an escaped lunatic, Doug Drucker, a battered & bloody Jennifer whom Sadie though that she already murdered suddenly pops out of the bushes to tell them what she did to her and Kevin! It's then on cue a truck come out of the darkness and runs her down and crushes her to death before she can open her mouth! As for Kevin he gets his while trying to hobble to safety, after Sadie busted his ankle, in his motor boat only to get killed in a life and death struggle with Sadie by its propellers! Making as if she's the victim in her being kidnapped and raped by the escaped lunatic Drucker, whom she also murdered, Sadie gets a clean bill of health from the clueless police! And as we later see at the end of the movie, after recovering from her wounds, she's back in business again!

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