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Reviewed by Theo Robertson 7 / 10 / 10

Tense Drama

CONTACT is a drama set around a platoon of British soldiers from the Parachute regiment patrolling the bandit country of the rural border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. There`s hardly any dialogue and absolutely no plot as we see a squad of soldiers getting on with a dangerous and thankless task . Director Alan Clarke has rightfully resisted making any political comment with CONTACT and gives the programme a docudrama feel with shaky camera work and jump edits which works totally in its favour . Witness the scene near the end where the platoon commander investigates an abandoned car , you`ll be able to hear your own heart pumping with anxiety. My one problem with CONTACT is that the patrol sees maybe a bit too much action with terrorists . You could serve several tours of Northern Ireland without coming into contact ( Hence the title of the drama ) with the enemy while here the patrol comes into contact with terrorists several times , but I guess soldiers yomping around Irish fields with no incidents wouldn`t have made much of a dramatic impact

Reviewed by rocketbabe-54851 10 / 10 / 10

Disturbing war film

One of the most disturbing war films I have seen. Like a bad dream.The soldiers are so young. Nothing romantic about the Irish countryside here.

Reviewed by jeffajuice 10 / 10 / 10

Tense and very realistic drama

I stumbled upon this drama whilst trawling through the channels and was totally absorbed from start to finish. From the very realistic cramped and dingy quarters to tramping through the countryside, the tension was palpable. The use of a 'light intensifier' with its greenish hue made me feel I was part of the patrol and the lack of music and superfluous dialogue was pure genius. The paras earned themselves a 'reputation' - described by one British operational officer as "...Thugs in uniform," for their 'no nonsense' approach and involvement in the Bloody Sunday confrontation - however, they paid a heavy price at Warrenpoint and we're again targeted by the IRA in 72 at Aldershot. Having occasionally worked alongside them in Ulster, I found them to be really well disciplined and totally focussed on the job in hand, good lads to be watching your back. The 'shoot to kill' policy which John Stalker subsequently investigated was, I think referred to in the first scene when the platoon commander produced a 'mugshot' of the dead car driver. Obviously, a pre-planned intelligence led 'hit' on one of the local 'active service cells' which made 'uncomfortable' viewing but nevertheless at the time, was extremely effective in addressing local terrorist activity....remember Loughgal? The tiredness, fatigue and constant nervous expectation of the platoon hit the right note in this drama including the 'engagements' which, were not too overdramatised. Overall, a terrific production capturing the essence of 'active service in Ulster' and the profound impact of comrades lost!

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